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What is Happiness Means for a Successful Life – 3 Common Discussion Points!

Happiness or prosperity is a major point in someone’s life story. Simply, we all need to be happy. Yet, do we have a clear understanding of what is happiness? Or else, did you ever try to find what is the meaning of this powerful word that can make your mind calm and quiet.

Yes! Often, there is no clear margin to define happiness. And, mostly, this is a subjective measure. It means even though one can be happy with certain outcomes, the second party may not. So, happiness is not a clear idea that is worth everyone’s expectations. Hence, rather than going to find out the definitions of happiness, it is worth looking at the possible winning points inside this psychological concept.

Well, let’s move through the writing to make a clear idea and to build up a subjective definition for happiness.

What is happiness for a satisfying ending?

The word happiness has several synonyms that can describe its power. Enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasure and achievement are such certain words that we can replace the word happiness. So, generally, it gives an idea about a satisfying life means happiness. Or else, one of the biggest achievement in your life may become a happy event.

Yet, it is not simple as this. Since this is a psychological marker, it can be varied with both internal and external stimulus which can awake the mind. So, there should be a balance between both these markers to say someone is happy.

On the other hand, no one can estimate how much happy the others. Even though external expressions such as smile, laugh, friendly voices and body languages are there to guess whether a person is happy or not, this is a subjective matter. Thus, anyone cannot say that others are happy without a proper psychological reading on their mental status.

So, in simple lines, we can say happiness is a satisfying ending. But, it depends upon personal expectations.

What are the desirable markers for happiness?

The psychology behind happiness is still under research levels. So, generally, there are no clear-cuts about markers of happiness. Yet, lots of researchers are working on the topic. Thus, they have published certain ideas regarding what can be the future markers of happiness.

The common discussing point over this is the biological markers. It means how our body responds to certain occasions and how it can lead to a happy or worrying ending. Here, hormonal activity takes as the most trustworthy biological marker for happiness.

It says, when someone is happy or sad, their body cells produce certain hormones. Those hormones help people to be happy and relaxed. But, as the researches highlight the biological factors which are responsible for happiness and sadness or confusions never behave controversy. However, a lot of studies should be there to conclude the ideas.

Next, apart from the biological markers, the researchers are also working on how behavioural changes decide happiness. But, since this is again a complicated aspect that has a direct link over peoples’ lifestyle, it takes time to assess its direct impacts.

So, it is certain that there are no identified markers to measure how much happy we are. But, future studies can reveal certain important tips to improve the quality of life through a deep exploration of the connections between mental integrity and happiness.

Why do we need to be happy?

A happy life can deliver satisfactory outcomes. This is a general truth that everyone knows. Yet, do you know happiness can deliver so many beneficial outcomes for the person as well as the surrounding community?

Since there are lots of people around us, we should be role models of sharing love. It will help to generate productive objectives. Thus, as a world, as a country and as a nation we all will work together. So, the happiness of a single person can change the world.

Further, if we are happy, we can accept the truths and changes easily. So, there may no unnecessary worries over challenges. Similarly, happy people can be creative enough to find out the easiest ways of bypassing challenges or to overcome the drawbacks.

Even though we think being happy can only be a beneficial thing for our achievements, it also can indirectly bound with an array of social successes. Thus, it is all our responsibility to deliver happiness education to each corner of the world. But, it should never be limited to theoretical concepts. Positive educators and psychological experts should always teach how to utilize their teachings for practical achievements. That is the basics of successful psychological education.

The outline!

Being happy always linked with so many mental, spiritual and social beneficence for an individual. So, investigating what is happiness and what are the possible outcomes of happiness which can make your goals a truth may enhance your potential to be successful. Thus, we invite everyone to keep engaging with us and collect more facts behind this psychological concept.

10 Happiness Activities for Kindergarten Online Teaching Methods!

Nowadays, there is an increasing risk of gatherings even for educational purposes. The ongoing pandemic situation is the major factor for this issue. Thus, the teachers have faced a lot of challenges to broaden up happy learning and teaching environment through online platforms. Even though there are enough happiness activities to make kids feel relaxed at the institutional level, online education is a totally different scenario. Hence, teachers must use specific tips and tricks to make them happy and engaging. So, today, we hope to discuss a bit on such happiness boosting activities that you can try in front of your online teaching platform.

Dress nicely to arouse curiosity for happiness activities

Yes! Now, it is time to move away from the traditional costume of teachers. We know, the teachers used to wear formal and official outfits while using online teaching platforms. It is nice. Yet, it will never let you arouse happiness by engaging with the online lesson among kids. But, it works well for adults education.

Hence, be ready to dress like kid’s heroes. Often, the dress of Spider-Man, Superman or angels will be the best moves. Similarly, an animal-themed, Mickey Mouse themed teaching environment is also recommended.

Further, if you wanted to make them amazed and encouraged for the next class, it is better to schedule a cosmetic for all participants. But, do not try for expensive choices as every parent struggle with a devil called economy within this difficult period.

Carefully customize the tone and voice!

Do not forget, now you are going to be the hero of your kids. Thus, they hope everything their heroes possessed through the classroom. Thus, be ready to customize your tone as with their original. So, the kids will be ready to follow your instructions on the lesson. It will be an everlasting memory in their minds. Definitely, this happy moment will satisfy them until they meet their superhero in the next session.

Use your body language to create desirable actions

The kids can identify all vocal, visual and behavioural language. So, you can be successful in teaching only with the specific methods which can stimulate all those three-dimensional learning stimuli. Yes! It may not be a challenge to stimulate those senses through happiness activities in the classroom which is having enough physical contact with the educational items.

But, when you are in front of a digital screen for a lesson to kindergarten level, this is a bit of a troublesome fact. However, you can use actions in front of the screen to reach their hearts. Similarly, keeping certain educational items prepared with the parent’s collaborations will be an added advantage to share the same stimulus as an ideal classroom.

Sing and Dance

Kids are eager to dance and sing. So, be always strategic to combine the subjective matters along with the theme you selected. And, perform the relevant dances and singing contest with your lovely little students. Yes! They will be happy a lot. It will further help to build up long-lasting memory about learned subject matters.

Let students talk!

Teaching for the kindergarten level is totally different from adult education. Thus, they won’t stay silent throughout the lesson. They will ask questions, and also they are fond of sharing their ideas with colleagues. So, let them a chance to be themselves.

Have funny games ready!

Even though you all are in a distance and front of a digital screen, you still can arrange games for your kids. Thus, use games like word matching, counting or simple games of mathematics, singing, and colouring up games to make their hearts better.

Share your smile for all and say Hi to every kid!

All the kids need a kind-hearted teacher. Thus, be nice to smile at every kid in your online classroom. And, get some time to say hi at the very beginning of the lesson. It will motivate them for an engaging lesson.

Explain slowly

Kids cannot be fast learners as adults. So, be wise to control your voice when necessary to reach them faster.

Use at least two-three stories throughout the lesson to motivate kids

The little ones are very much eager to listen to stories. Thus, if you would tell them a fairy tale by describing a lesson, they will enjoy your teachings.

Bless them at the end and share a beautiful hope about the next meetup

Yes! Probably you may feel tired after a long lesson with lots of clarifications. But, take some time to bless your kids at the end of the class. Similarly, explain to them how will be the next class. And, it is better to give them a hope of amazing stories, songs and heroes you are supposed to bring on the next day.

The things at the last lines…

As a preschool level teacher, you are facing a few major challenges in online learning. But, somehow you should make them happy too. So, have your time to bless them a happy week. And, give them hope for the interesting lesson at the next meetup. Thus, they will encourage to be ready with home works.

13 FAQs of Positive Reinforcement in Psychology

The study of psychology should be followed by a few main domains and an array of subdomains. Positive reinforcement in psychology is also such a subdomain that is used in different setups. Today, we have come up with frequently asked questions and solutions related to this concept.

What is the main concept that discusses positive reinforcement in psychology?

This fundamental knowledge of positive reinforcement comes to the stage with the teachings of behavioural psychology. So, it is a kind of psychological concept that discusses how behaviours decided by certain reinforcements of the peer groups, society or another supportive group of people.

Does it feel difficult to grab the concepts of positive reinforcement?

No! Even though it seems like a difficult concept that needs massive effort to execute, it is not so. Thus, even an ordinary individual can grab the concept very easily after a few hours of follow up. But, it is certain to have some prior knowledge of basic psychological studies.

Does studying positive reinforcement should be followed by a scheduled training?

Yes! It is good to follow a scheduled and planned course content to grab the specific points of this concept. Nowadays, many sources are providing access for further studies about behavioural psychology and positive reinforcement. 

Do we face positive reinforcing events in our daily lives? 

Yes, why not? Often, we all may be subjected to positive reinforcements, with or without our intention. Those are known as natural reinforcements, and any of the parties bound to this scenario may not intentionally promote such incidences. Yet, it will be similar to executing positive reinforcement from the initial step to the endpoint.

What is the definition of positive reinforcement in the Oxford Dictionary?

There are so many definitions of positive reinforcement in psychology to ease off understanding. Similarly, the Oxford Lexico has defined this concept as “The process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering a reward when the behaviour is exhibited”.

What is the definition of positive reinforcement in operant conditioning?

In the concept called operant conditioning, positive reinforcement defined as the action that can add frequently with the same stimulus to make it a behaviour after a certain period. 

How ordinary teachings define this concept?

In general, positive reinforcement is defined as the teaching or practising the same action for a longer period to make it a habit.

What is operant conditioning, which is closely related to the reinforcement concept?

It is a method of educating that an employee may be worn for punishments or admire for giveaways as with their behaviours.

How positive stimulus will effectively work until it becomes a behaviour?

If the outcomes are favourable to the beneficiary after following the stimulus, the individual will probably repeat the action. Once, the same thing happens again and again it can become a behaviour.

What are the examples of positive reinforcements?

When a child used to help household works, if his mother used to appreciate him with some tasty treat or kind-hearted behaviour, he used to help his mother every day for appreciation. Finally, it can become a behaviour. 

The security officer used to open the gate every morning for his boss for a pleasant smile. So, if the boss offers the expected stimulus every day, the security officer will wait to see his vehicle to receive the appreciation early in the morning. And, it will become a behaviour than a job after a few years.

When staff gets a commission for every successful sale, they will work hard to receive the stimulus (bonuses). So, eventually, the staff will adhere to the wage with a commission. Thus, working hard for a high salary may become a passion of their life. Thus, the company profitability may increase eventually.

Does positive reinforcement always deliver desirable outcomes?

No! It can sometimes deliver undesirable outcomes and can lead to unexpected behaviours too. Thus, positive reinforcement is not always a perfect choice unless it is followed by experienced technical guidance.

How many types of positive reinforcements are there?

The types of positive reinforcements can be varied as with personal definitions on it. However, usually, there are four major types in the discussion. And, the type which is going to execute may differ from the setting, incidence and the involving parties.

What are the types of positive reinforcement?

Tangible reinforcement is the reward directed concept. So, the personal motivation for awards such as gifts, sweets, money or physical appreciation. 

Natural reinforcement is the direct effect of existing behaviour. So, if a person works hard for a settled objective, he will achieve it. Anyways, he may not have the intention of using the behaviour as a reinforcement for the outcome. But, it happens naturally.

The third type is social reinforcement, and it discusses the appreciation received through words by respectable parties such as teachers, employers, peers or parents.

The concept of token reinforcement is again an awarding type of thing. So, the person will work for a token that can be exchanged for any desired giveaway. 

The last bits…

Positive reinforcement in psychology is a behaviour directed concept. And, even though it is suggestive to enhance a desirable behaviour, it will not work at all the time of execution. Thus, the practices of this concept should be followed with the guidance of a trained practitioner.

Is Happiness Genetic and What Causes It – Updated with Recent Studies!

So far, we have learned the happiness is a self-estimation of satisfaction. Thus, it is almost a personal fact. It means the people have their measurement of how happy they are. Yet, nowadays, there is a belief that there can be a genetic background behind happy moments. Even though scientist believes on this statement they still do not have a clear conclusion of is happiness genetic and what causes it.

But, numerous studies have done over the years to clarify whether happiness can be an inherited character from parents to children. Most of those studies have aimed to explore the behaviour of hormones than specific genes. Since there are clear findings on the effects of certain hormones to regulate mental processes, the hypothesis of whether the genes can regulate happiness is reasonable.

But, as the expert’s highlights, the presence of depression or anxiety does not mean being unhappy. It means there are still certain points for depressed people to be happy. Thus, it really matters whether the decreasing or increasing level of hormones responsible for depression can have a direct impact on happiness. If so, depressed people should turn into normal status in front of happy moments. Isn’t it?

Is happiness genetic and what causes it in hormonal levels?

When we come into the hormonal actions of mental status, we can discuss three major hormones. Those are dopamine, serotonin and epinephrine which regulates certain body mechanisms. Thus, before looking at the exact mode of actions of those hormones, it is really a matter to conclude whether those hormones have a direct impact on regulating happiness or not.

How dopamine act inside the body?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has major functions on body movements and brain functions. Generally, it works on the brain and decide the movements of the human body such as two-point discrimination, balance and even posture. The common disability associated with a decreased level of dopamine secretion is known as Parkinson’s disease. This is a kind of disability suffered by elderly ages due to degeneration of the dopamine secreting areas of the brain.

When it comes to happiness, dopamine performs a multi-aspect of benefits. It includes close interactions with serotonin, inhibiting the actions of norepinephrine and increasing blood circulation through its vasodilating effects. Thus, people always feel like better body functioning. It says the overall effects of this particular hormone can make us happy. But, it really matters whether it promotes happiness as one of its major effects. Basically, the researchers never conclude such a finding up to now. However, a study published by Ashby et al. has given the idea that dopamine can be responsible for positive mood in psychology when secretes at optimal levels.

The actions of serotonin for happiness!

The systematic reviews are done with the popular research findings of the field that has mentioned certain important facts about the relationship between serotonin and happiness. As those highlights, the increasing level of serotonin can regulate how depressed the person is. It means if the brain receives enough serotonin as the neurotransmitters agent, it can encourage a positive mood. This can define as happy too. But, if it is less than desirable level the person may feel depressed. Further, this phenomenon is widely using in drug therapies for mental diseases.

The action of epinephrine in promoting happiness?

The systematic review named “Happiness & Health: The Biological Factors- Systematic Review Article” published in “Iranian Journal of Public Health” has also pointed out the effects of epinephrine when deciding happiness. Since this is one of the main hormones that act in flying or flight reactions that come into action in emerging situations, it can create positive reinforcement as same as the situation of extreme happiness. But, it is a doubt whether this is a true feeling or feeling that can become a symptom of a mental disorder.

How happy parents receive happy babies?

Once you go through the hormonal responses for happiness, you may get the idea that there are no clear points to accept happiness as a genetic predisposing factor. But, we still cannot exclude this argument without clear conclusions.

Similarly, you may have seen the parents used to be happy throughout their lives has the happiest children. Yes! Sometimes there might have exemptions. But, this fact is moreover true. So, we have identified certain positive hypothesis that can be the strong pieces of evidence behind these observations.

  • The children may get happiness simulation through the behaviours of parents. It means, if the parents used to listen to music and to be relaxed even in front of difficult life situations, the children are more prone to follow them.
  • Children may influence positivity. Even without the clear observations of behaviour, when children get continuous advice and suggestions to be positive, they may adhere to a positive lifestyle.
  • The inborn characteristics of the family may eventually let them enhance the positivity of their thinking.

However, before concluding any of these assumptions, there must have enough studies in different study settings.

The outline!

Yes! Still, there are no clear conclusions of is happiness genetic and what causes it. But, nowadays, several studies are in progress to find out its true influences. So, sometimes, you may receive the news that state “happiness is an extremely genetic predisposing factor” within the next few years.

Unhealthy Happiness – Can Happiness Lead to Failures?

Happiness is the status of being satisfied with achievements. So, it merely has a close connection with successful outcomes. And, it says happy people can acquire lots of benefits. Those benefits range in multi aspects such as personal, economical, social and educational success. Yet, even though it is less in the discussion there is a concept called unhealthy happiness.

So, can happiness become a bad impact on your success? Yes! If you are at the status that expresses unhealthy happiness, it can be. Yet, there should be a clear definition of what is happiness and how it can turn into harmful status. Simply, this does not mean “unhappy” or “sad”. (Not means disappointment too). Thus, it expresses the quality of happiness that can badly affect human lives when exceeding the limits.

Well, it seems we are at the point. So, let’s first see for possible impacts of enjoyment that exceed the limits of expectations.

Unhealthy happiness is closely bound with uncertainty!

Can you ever believe that a happy life can put you at risk of loss? No! Often, happiness can offer everything we deserve. That is what we have in our general intentions. But, do you know the unexpected happy news can even steal our lives. There are enough incidences to prove this statement around the world. That is why positive education is not recommending responding too fast to any of the glad or sad incidences.

Just imagine, you are at the interviewing board with huge expectations to receive the job. And, you believe you have all the potential to serve in the position. In between the interview, the panel will state like “Well, you are at the high-end qualifications for the job. But, we need to assess your skills through a practical session too”.

Often, if you have overconfidence in your achievements, there is a higher possibility to respond once you heard  “Well, you are at the high-end qualifications for the job…” Yes! A single mistake of your response due to over happiness of appreciation may limit or stop their second act of “… But, we need to assess your skills through a practical session too”. Thus, you will lose the opportunity.

Negative happiness can break your relationships!

Did you wait too long to pursue the job you deserved? Well, congratulations. You may have started to step forward as a single person. And, in the beginning, you will feel very much happy about your achievements. But, what is the way you selected to celebrate? Are you a single unit in the community? You have grown a lot. Now, you can survive without others help. Is it so?

Then what about your parents, friends and family? Do they have done their part for you? Don’t you think of sharing a bit of your happiness with them? No! Have fun and enjoy yourself! Are you at this state? If so, your happiness is unhealthy for your future.

This scenario is similarly matching with the educational achievements, promotions and economical achievements Etc. Several studies have also concluded that the negative impact of happiness can end up with disappointments, losses and failures in relationship status.

Negatively directed happiness will make you an easy risk acceptor!

The darkest side of happiness is becoming an easy risk acceptor. Generally, if we do not have an intention on how deep the challenge is, we will fail to set SMART goals. And, if we are failed to understand what is the challenge we are going to accept and what are the possible consequences of failing to achieve objectives, we will be collapsed in the middle of a mission.

But, do you know, exceeding the limits of a happy life can put you at risks. Thus, always have a well reading on your capabilities, skills and possibilities before accepting a challenge.

What are the Dangers of the Darkest Side of Happiness?

Even though it seems someone suffer from unhealthy happiness, still there is a possibility to turn them back to normal. Yet, if they have following behavioural or lifestyle changes, it means the time has come to consult an expert.

  • The person addicted to drugs for celebrating happiness!

It is usual to celebrate successes. But, if you notice someone goes for drug-addicted behaviour even for smaller events which are not considered as the biggest achievement, there is a problem. As an example, if a person arranges a party just due to having a service for their car, it is a problem.

  • Unusual eating habits!

Again, this is also a similar behavioural change of someone who lacks self-control over small events. Thus, if you notice such a change in people around you, it is good to direct them for psychological support.

  • Over positivity which is leasing even to ignore dangers!

In case, if a person has overly confused behaviour and self-estimation, it is also a matter. Often, this kind of person used to accept dangers easily. Thus, the vulnerability for failures is also higher.

The outlook!

Happiness is a self-measurement of someone’s satisfaction. So, it is varying from person to person. But, the nature of happiness and how we desire to acquire the benefits of happiness are almost similar. Yet, there are some occasions in which a person feels happy even for a minor achievement. It is called unhealthy happiness, and it can lead to numerous health problems when it progresses up to drug addictions, unusual acceptance of dangers and certain eating disorders.

20 Ways to Improve Motivation at Work Station

Want to become a self dedicated employee? Yes! It offers an array of benefits for you and the workplace. But, since the majority of people are lack of skills to identify how to improve motivation at work, the given objectives are usually ended with failures. 

Yet, the developing technical and scientific era needs hard workers. Similarly, it expects them to be intelligent enough to overcome challenges. So, being a motivated employee is not still a hard game. If you follow the art of working, success may not be a dream. Follow these strategies to improve motivation at the workplace. It will open opportunities of availing rewards, appreciation from higher authorities. 

Believe in Yourself 

Self-belief is the way of being successful fulfil in any task. Thus, if your employer has given some objective, first, believe it is a possible target and you have enough skills to overcome the challenges throughout the way. 

Make SMART Goals 

No matter what is the task or how much difficult it is, the successfully customised goal will let the positive powers reach you. So, always take your time to make SMART goals. 

Often, noting down the expected timeline along with this SMART technique will keep you updated on the plan until the endpoint. So, remember the extensions of SMART as specific, measurable, achievable, reliable and time-bound. 

Divide Major Goals into Smaller Steps 

Once you finish the goal set with major goals, dividing the sub-steps will let you make it more meaningful. And, it will further explain the complexity of the task. But, since you are achieving the goals through pre-settled smaller steps, it will not be a stressful process to reach the final objective.

Have Discussions with Relevant Seniors 

Experiences can always make a talented person. Even though a person has sharp knowledge in theoretical practices, they may poor in overcoming practical challenges. In this case, seniors of the relevant field are the best reference for you.

Identify the Required Skills and Pay attention to Enhance Skills

If you notice a gap of knowledge and skills after discussion with the seniors, paying attention to overcome the challenge is a must.

Gather More Skills and Request for Training if Possible 

There are many ways to gather knowledge and skills to accomplish a task. Since you have already identified the missed points, it is easy to. move for improving strategy. 

Often, self-study or follow-ups with colleagues is the best way as a short term option. Yet, it is fine if you can request for organised training schedule.

Stay Updated with Authorised Parties

The managing bodies have a huge responsibility for your duties. Thus, they are always in line to help you. Further, it is easy to deliver compatible outcome when keeping the interconnection while working. Thus, always remember to update your progress with relevant authorities. 

Always Be Honors 

Share your honour with everyone around. Do not forget to gratitude to others who helped you at any point. It will motivate them to share their helpful hands once again. And, it will be an encouraging point for you too.

Draw Guidelines and Diagrams for Easy Analysis of Goals

Once you cleared the surroundings of the workplace which is required to meet the goal, you must seek for each goal customizations. Thus, drawing easy diagrams and pictures when needed will keep you updated with the plan.

Arrange Self Rewards 

When you reach up to any point of success, be honest to reward yourself. It will be an intrinsic motivation to continue with the future steps. 

But, do not go for arousing rewards as it can break the concentration for the goal. So, arranging a simple give away just to please the mind is fine.

Make Companion with Motivated People

Often, the close companion with positive thinkers and the motive people will give you innovative ideas. Thus, spend your time sharing your opinion with such people.

Admire Feedbacks and Suggestions

In any case, if someone appreciates your efforts and outcomes, say your gratitude for them. Similarly, if someone hits your mind with negative feedback, be an honour to accept and welcome those feedbacks.

Make Changes when Needed 

The positive and needed changes to the goal may make it stronger every day. Hence, do not be hesitate to make changes after a deep analysis of your goals.

Share Your Outcomes and Listen to Others

When you achieve any point of success, share your pleasure with other colleagues too. Sometimes, it will be a turning point to gather lots of important ideas. 

Spend Time with Your Family 

Even though you are busy with office duties which has a huge external motivator like a promotion or increasing salary, do not forget your family. Being with loved ones will deliver enough leisure time. So, it will boost your energy to take the next step in freshly mined.

Be Good with Office Colleagues 

Friendly companion with the office staff is also a must for a stress-free working environment. Thus, you would be able to meet your goals within a short period without unnecessary burdens.

Have a Nice Smile for Everyone who around You

This simple strategy will keep you happy. So, your mind has enough space to work hard.

Do not Forget Hobbies 

Again, playing badminton, swimming or working on any of the hobbies you used to will enhance mental health. Believe in yourself. Even though it consumes time, it can boost your energy.

Stay Positive Throughout

Do not let the negative clouds close your mind. Always pray for success and believe success is on the way.

Celebrate Outcomes

Finally, you have only to celebrate outcomes. Often, this will open the gateways to future challenges.

The Outline 

Find your strategies to improve motivation at work. It will enhance the power of success throughout your journey as an outstanding employee.

6 Mind-Blowing Secrets on How to be Happy!

Are you the one who always complains of “even if I tried a lot, I can’t be happy”? So, it means, there is something you have not touched on the topic. Happiness is not a gift. It depends upon personal attitudes and achievements. It means being happy is your selection. And, anyone can not force you to be happy. However, the most likely reason for failure to be happy is a lack of intention on how to be happy. But, we know, once you read the rest of the writing you will get to know, it is not a difficult mission as you guess.

Admire smiling and share how to be happy!

Smiling is the way we share our affection. But, is it the only thing that we are smiling for? No! Usually, people used to smile in many different ways. So, it can be a laugh that expresses your happiness. Or it can be a smile to share your love. In another way, it can be a trick to make others happy.

Anyway, smiling can make us happy. According to the newest study findings, our brain cells will release the chemical called dopamine whenever we are smiling. So, it keeps our brain cells in optimal functions and can minimize stress too. In another hand, smiling can relax our facial muscles and by that it reduces tiredness. Thus, the person may feel relaxed. So, it helps to be happy.

Have a good sleep!

When do you offer a break for your body and brain? Usually, it is the time you go to bed. Do you know having a healthy sleep can increase your longevity? It is mostly due to the ability to boost brain cells to maintain body functions in optimal conditions.

Usually, healthy sleep includes almost seven to eight hours of continuous bedding time. And, it should be followed by uninterrupted continuous sleep on a relaxed surface. That is why many studies suggest you have comfortable clothing and bedding materials to make your night more fun. Yet, this is not always a practical thing for all people. Anyway, having slept for the recommended duration can enhance energy, prepare your body for the next day and relax your mind. So, eventually, you can be happy.

Have a healthy diet!

A healthy diet should be followed by balanced nutrients. So, it can definitely help to maintain your cellular functions. But, having lots of carbs is not recommended at any time due to its possible bad effects on health. Do you know diabetes or else metabolic toxicity is the most dangerous health condition which can make you sick forever? But, it does not say that you should skip carbs at all.

Carbs can help in secreting a hormone called serotonin. Since the low level of serotonin may lead to depression, having an optimal level of this hormone can keep your mental functions well. Thus, you can be happy and accept the changes easily.

In another hand, you should definitely add enough proteins as it helps in noradrenaline and dopamine secretion. Again, these two hormones can minimize stresses and can enhance happiness.

However, make sure to avoid processed foods, deep-fried snacks and sugary beverage to keep your health in optimal conditions. So, if you keep controlling your diet with these few habits, you can be happy.

Be physically active!

Regular physical activities will offer numerous benefits for the human body. That is why you should be active to find out happiness. Often, regular exercise can reduce body pains by stretching contracted muscles. So, you will feel relaxed. That is why it is common to feel like calming evening after having at least half an hour of physical activity.

But, here, you should not be strict about circuit training which feels uncomfortable for you. So, you can go through dancing, aerobics, swimming or cycling to make your day entertain. Since it can be combined with other recreational activities such as hanging out with friends or family, it again helps you to be happy.

Follow religious activities!

All the religions have a unique way of teachings to be happy. Usually, all of those teachings admire harmless, kind-hearted ways of sharing love with nature. So, engaging in religious activities can always boost the calming hormones. Similarly, almost all religions have introduced ways to find happiness through challenges. And, since it has an in-depth connection with your beliefs, you can easily find what is happiness through those teachings.

Do not hesitate to be Grateful

There are enough characters behind a successful day in your life. So, have time to be grateful for all of them who support you throughout the life. It can share the feeling of accomplishment. And, it will also be a refreshing beginning for the day or next task.

The things at last

Exploring how to be happy is a funny, hopeful and objective-based way of living. And, since it delivers the ultimate happiness, you have all potential to earn lots of benefits of happiness all over your footprints. Thus, accept a few changes for your lifestyle to harvest a calming mind!

6 Communication Games and Activities for Kids

Do you need to bless your kid to be a talented personality who can pass life challenges easily? If so, he should definitely possess unique characteristics such as good communication skills, decision-making skills and the ability to work as a team when there is a challenging objective. So, the pre-childhood development programs should always be enriched with communication games and activities for kids to create the personalities expecting for future world challenges. Hence, here are a few choices for you.

The object identifying communication games and activities for kids!

This is an amazing group activity that can be executed with four or five kids at once. Here, one of the selected players should closely tight his eyes or others should knock his eyes with a piece of clothing. Next, the other players supposed to select an object and describe its features. Everyone will get a chance to describe the object. And, the middle blindfolded player also can ask questions to clarify what is the object. If he or she named it correctly, marks will be added. Likewise, all the kids can be the middle player and communicate with others to find out the object.

Whispering telephone game with kids

You can plan this game with any selected number of kids. Probably, ten or fifteen members are ideal. First, all the members should stand or sit down in a circle. A train of phone calls is also a good idea. Next, the teacher gives a message to the first kid by whispering in his ears. Then, the first kid passes the message in the same way for the second. Likewise, the whole rotation carried out until the last kid. 

Then, the last kids who are at the end of the chain should loudly announce the message he received. Next, the first member also should do the same and the teacher should be agreed with the message presented by the first participants. Probably, these two messages are differing as a result of poor or misleading communication. Thus, it is recommending to practice the same game until the student gets to know how to pass a message as they received without harming the original meaning. Similarly, it gives an idea that how the gossips arise.

Creating stories through given pictures!

The visual, auditory and verbal communication methods are equally important in generating ideas, and sharing those with others. So, this is an ideal game to boost all these skills of a kid. 

Here, the teacher should present six to eight picture frames and ask a kid to create a story through those pictures. Often, this game can be executed as a group activity or individual activity. Often, it is recommended to prepare a few sets of picture frames and distribute those among students to create stories. 

Even though a few students have received the same set of frames, the stories they are preparing can be varied. So, try to share the message the communication may change as the way they grab ideas and how they share those with others.

Singing competitions and guessing the meanings!

Communication does not mean only sharing a verbal set of words that can be presented as a story or speech. Thus, singing songs, creating poems and realizing meanings that are hidden inside creative poems are also important. 

Thus, singing competitions are one of the best ways to activate kids curiosity to communicate. So, teachers can divide the classroom into two groups. And start with a song given by the teacher. Then ask the leading group to stop the song once the planned signal comes. Often, a bell, clap or any other specific sound can be used as the signal. 

Next, once the first group end the game, the second group should start the song with an ended letter. If they failed to find a song from that letter, the chance again goes to the first group and the second one receive zero marks. 

Often, the game can be combined with guessing meanings too. But, it can take a complex nature. Sometimes, mixing two games can make it bored.

Acting an emotion that has printed on a piece of paper!

Here you can take fifteen to twenty emojis printed on the sheets. Or else, ask your kids to draw the pictures to display different emotions. The second method can make the game more engaging. But, if the teacher is doubtful on whether the pictures will not be clear enough to act, make it a group work and let students select a single student from each group who is good at creating arts. 

Once the cards are ready, collect all of them and randomly share them among kids. Now, the kids supposed to act the picture printed or drawn on the paper. So, they understand the way of communicating without words (non-verbal communication).

Leader changing game

This is again a powerful game that can enhance the non-verbal communication of kids. So, the teacher supposed to advise starting the game and, all the students stand in a circle. The initial leader should act the something. Then, others should imitate it. Once he finishes, he should share a signal for the next appointing leader. Likewise, all the students must act the leader’s role throughout the game and the action they are performing should not be the same.

The last tips!

Even though we have highlighted only a few communication games and activities for kids, there are an array of choices to improve verbal and non-verbal communication. Information transmission or communication is the number one quality of personality. Thus, improving this social skill is a massive responsibility of both teachers and parents who are looking after preschool and primary level students. Following this simple strategy will gift a talented, unique personality for the developing technical and industrial era.

How to motivate someone in 7 Simple Steps!

Motivation is an emotional change towards the positive aspect of thinking. But, the people used to defined positivity in different measures. It depends on individuals’ intelligence levels. However, the community has desires to motivate others towards their inspiration under the limitations they have included over positivity. Often, this can be an influence for change. Often, this kind of concepts is popular in marketing, education and political aspects.

Well, no matter what is the expected point of motivation, here are the seven simple ways to describe how to motivate someone.

How to motivate someone to move for a change at first?

The first step is the most powerful tool in motivating someone for your inspiration is ensuring trust and change. If you failed to build at least the sense of change at this step, you will lose the whole process of motivating the second party. Well, let’s see what are the three most important steps to follow for a real achievement of motivating someone for a given objective.

Listen to the topic

Often, you are going to motivate someone for a known inspiration. It means there is a higher possibility to have an intention on what is going on for both parties. In this case, you can wait a bit and listen to their points.

But, if the second party does not aware of the purpose of the meeting, you should start the discussion at first. And, once the second party got an idea, you can again wait and listen to their points. This is the golden opportunity to understand where they are in. Thus, you can gradually turn their points into a profitable discussion.

Further, if you failed to open their mouth to reveal truths and ideas, there is a big challenge to motivate them. So, first of all, you must be a friendly listener. At the same time do not forget to follow influencing concepts in psychology.

Encourage them to move through the open-minded question

The second most important part of opening their ideas and implanting new ideas starts with this step.

The open-minded questions are the secret of tricky counsellors. With this method, you can motivate the client to speak a lot. The best and practically applying method for this scenario is asking questions that never cause worry or anger. Does it mean you should not direct them questions like, what was the reason? Tell me the date of that incident happened or what is the name? Etc.

So, you may encourage them to talk with questions like, is that so? Oh no… What happened then? What do you think? What are your general points on that decision?.

Help them find options

Happily, if they decide, there is something to change, do not guide them directly towards your choice. In this case, you may help them find options. And, carefully listen and observe whether they are going on the track or out of the point. In this case, you can again use open-minded questions to let them think back.

Once the clients go through the options, they may find a few choices as the solutions. The counsellor can then use those existing options to carry on the discussion.

4 Steps to make a change in someone!

Here are the next four main steps to make a change of identified negligences. Those steps are mandatory to decide what is the best option to move through among available choices.

Suggest the new Concept

Often, the last few options of the client may have a move for the point of motivation. But, it can be a little different choice than the point. Yet, you can use this moment to implant the new concepts.

But, in case if the client did not agree with the choice at first, further discussion is useful to clarify things.

Start a tricky argument to clarify the pros and cons

Since now the discussion has gone on a deeper level, you can even start an argument to clarify the pros and cons. And, make sure to keep it at a psychologically desired level. Otherwise, the client may give up all the trust and confidence in your session.

Tell a story of success

Often, using figures and success stories works better in counselling. Thus, if the counsellor needs to make a change in their clients, they may use illustrations of success stories. Since this strategy can wake up both the visual and audible sensors of the client, they tend to understand the concept easily.

Welcome to the change

Once you go through all these steps, they will step forward for a change. So, this is the time to welcome the client for the change. And, the meaning of achieving this step is, you have completed the mission of motivating someone for your inspiration.

The verdict

The positive and psychological speaker can motivate someone for a given inspiration through a well-managed discussion. So, here we have listed seven steps to build up motivational discussion. We believe it will provide enough details on how to motivate someone easily. But, make sure to maintain limitations and strength of explanation to ensure a trustworthy outcome.

Well, if you needed to find more about what is motivation and goal setting for students and the workplace, browse through our pages. We will also publish the secrets of what is happiness and what is psychological studies throughout our journey. So, keep engaging with us to collect more information.