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5 Secrets of How to Find True Happiness!

5 Secrets of How to Find True Happiness!

Are you happy? What do you need to be happy? Did you ever question your heart about the happiness markers which are personalised just for you? Well, this is the time to identify the secrets of how to find true happiness. 

Here are the 5 secrets to be happy by using your innate desires!

Explore Yourself to Identify How to Find True Happiness of Yours!

First of all, you must know who are you. That is the only way to identify yourself. Nowadays, we are following certain dreams which have been inserted into our minds by external powers. But, if you get your time to think about whether those are the dreaming future of your own life, you will realize you are following the wrong path. 

But, in certain circumstances, you may have selected the path which is totally agreed with your dreams. However, it never says you are completely happy with those selections. If it is so, that is you should explore why happiness is still far away.

List down your happiness markers!

You can meet goals only if you know the sub-objectives of your mission. Similarly, you can be happy only after identifying your happiness markers.

So, take a piece of paper and a pen. Then, select a calm and quiet area that is ideal to activate your mind and brain.

Well, think about what you want to be happy. Just list down everything that was recalled. Do not ever try to read the list until your mind says “there is nothing more”. This emptiness is the sign that you have remembered everything that can make you happy.

Shortlist the challenges to acquiring those happiness markers!

Now, take some time to memorise the challenges to meet your happiness. Be honest to mention what are the outcomes for others by achieving those happiness markers and whether it can again make you sad.

Think whether you can be happy by overcoming the shortlisted challenges!

Sometimes, if you wanted to fly, the barrier is your parents who are bedridden for long period. You do not have an option unless wait or fly with your mother or father. This is something related to humanity.

Yet, if you cannot fly just due to money requirements, it is something that can be solved.

Likewise, you should analyse whether true happiness is there, by overcoming the identified challenges.

Highlight what are the markers of true happiness!

Well, now you have a well-customised sheet by illustrating all your true happiness markers. Next, use three colours of highlighters to select the easily achievable, late achievable and markers that cannot really make you happy due to possible outcomes.

Work on your dreams! 

Positive thinking, meditation, exercising, dancing and singing can make you happy. Even though those are looks like just relaxation methods, engaging with those activities can help you to find your true happiness. 

The ending…

Happiness markers are personalised and everyone cannot be happy with one specific achievement. Thus, if you are a family member or a part of a group, you should realise this fact to be happy and to make others happy. That is the way to be successful personnel. 

So, we hope you may be able to catch all the five secrets of how to find true happiness and our little effort will make a huge difference in your life!

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