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Unhealthy Happiness – Can Happiness Lead to Failures?

Unhealthy Happiness – Can Happiness Lead to Failures?

Happiness is the status of being satisfied with achievements. So, it merely has a close connection with successful outcomes. And, it says happy people can acquire lots of benefits. Those benefits range in multi aspects such as personal, economical, social and educational success. Yet, even though it is less in the discussion there is a concept called unhealthy happiness.

So, can happiness become a bad impact on your success? Yes! If you are at the status that expresses unhealthy happiness, it can be. Yet, there should be a clear definition of what is happiness and how it can turn into harmful status. Simply, this does not mean “unhappy” or “sad”. (Not means disappointment too). Thus, it expresses the quality of happiness that can badly affect human lives when exceeding the limits.

Well, it seems we are at the point. So, let’s first see for possible impacts of enjoyment that exceed the limits of expectations.

Unhealthy happiness is closely bound with uncertainty!

Can you ever believe that a happy life can put you at risk of loss? No! Often, happiness can offer everything we deserve. That is what we have in our general intentions. But, do you know the unexpected happy news can even steal our lives. There are enough incidences to prove this statement around the world. That is why positive education is not recommending responding too fast to any of the glad or sad incidences.

Just imagine, you are at the interviewing board with huge expectations to receive the job. And, you believe you have all the potential to serve in the position. In between the interview, the panel will state like “Well, you are at the high-end qualifications for the job. But, we need to assess your skills through a practical session too”.

Often, if you have overconfidence in your achievements, there is a higher possibility to respond once you heard  “Well, you are at the high-end qualifications for the job…” Yes! A single mistake of your response due to over happiness of appreciation may limit or stop their second act of “… But, we need to assess your skills through a practical session too”. Thus, you will lose the opportunity.

Negative happiness can break your relationships!

Did you wait too long to pursue the job you deserved? Well, congratulations. You may have started to step forward as a single person. And, in the beginning, you will feel very much happy about your achievements. But, what is the way you selected to celebrate? Are you a single unit in the community? You have grown a lot. Now, you can survive without others help. Is it so?

Then what about your parents, friends and family? Do they have done their part for you? Don’t you think of sharing a bit of your happiness with them? No! Have fun and enjoy yourself! Are you at this state? If so, your happiness is unhealthy for your future.

This scenario is similarly matching with the educational achievements, promotions and economical achievements Etc. Several studies have also concluded that the negative impact of happiness can end up with disappointments, losses and failures in relationship status.

Negatively directed happiness will make you an easy risk acceptor!

The darkest side of happiness is becoming an easy risk acceptor. Generally, if we do not have an intention on how deep the challenge is, we will fail to set SMART goals. And, if we are failed to understand what is the challenge we are going to accept and what are the possible consequences of failing to achieve objectives, we will be collapsed in the middle of a mission.

But, do you know, exceeding the limits of a happy life can put you at risks. Thus, always have a well reading on your capabilities, skills and possibilities before accepting a challenge.

What are the Dangers of the Darkest Side of Happiness?

Even though it seems someone suffer from unhealthy happiness, still there is a possibility to turn them back to normal. Yet, if they have following behavioural or lifestyle changes, it means the time has come to consult an expert.

  • The person addicted to drugs for celebrating happiness!

It is usual to celebrate successes. But, if you notice someone goes for drug-addicted behaviour even for smaller events which are not considered as the biggest achievement, there is a problem. As an example, if a person arranges a party just due to having a service for their car, it is a problem.

  • Unusual eating habits!

Again, this is also a similar behavioural change of someone who lacks self-control over small events. Thus, if you notice such a change in people around you, it is good to direct them for psychological support.

  • Over positivity which is leasing even to ignore dangers!

In case, if a person has overly confused behaviour and self-estimation, it is also a matter. Often, this kind of person used to accept dangers easily. Thus, the vulnerability for failures is also higher.

The outlook!

Happiness is a self-measurement of someone’s satisfaction. So, it is varying from person to person. But, the nature of happiness and how we desire to acquire the benefits of happiness are almost similar. Yet, there are some occasions in which a person feels happy even for a minor achievement. It is called unhealthy happiness, and it can lead to numerous health problems when it progresses up to drug addictions, unusual acceptance of dangers and certain eating disorders.


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