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10 Happiness Activities for Kindergarten Online Teaching Methods!

10 Happiness Activities for Kindergarten Online Teaching Methods!

Nowadays, there is an increasing risk of gatherings even for educational purposes. The ongoing pandemic situation is the major factor for this issue. Thus, the teachers have faced a lot of challenges to broaden up happy learning and teaching environment through online platforms. Even though there are enough happiness activities to make kids feel relaxed at the institutional level, online education is a totally different scenario. Hence, teachers must use specific tips and tricks to make them happy and engaging. So, today, we hope to discuss a bit on such happiness boosting activities that you can try in front of your online teaching platform.

Dress nicely to arouse curiosity for happiness activities

Yes! Now, it is time to move away from the traditional costume of teachers. We know, the teachers used to wear formal and official outfits while using online teaching platforms. It is nice. Yet, it will never let you arouse happiness by engaging with the online lesson among kids. But, it works well for adults education.

Hence, be ready to dress like kid’s heroes. Often, the dress of Spider-Man, Superman or angels will be the best moves. Similarly, an animal-themed, Mickey Mouse themed teaching environment is also recommended.

Further, if you wanted to make them amazed and encouraged for the next class, it is better to schedule a cosmetic for all participants. But, do not try for expensive choices as every parent struggle with a devil called economy within this difficult period.

Carefully customize the tone and voice!

Do not forget, now you are going to be the hero of your kids. Thus, they hope everything their heroes possessed through the classroom. Thus, be ready to customize your tone as with their original. So, the kids will be ready to follow your instructions on the lesson. It will be an everlasting memory in their minds. Definitely, this happy moment will satisfy them until they meet their superhero in the next session.

Use your body language to create desirable actions

The kids can identify all vocal, visual and behavioural language. So, you can be successful in teaching only with the specific methods which can stimulate all those three-dimensional learning stimuli. Yes! It may not be a challenge to stimulate those senses through happiness activities in the classroom which is having enough physical contact with the educational items.

But, when you are in front of a digital screen for a lesson to kindergarten level, this is a bit of a troublesome fact. However, you can use actions in front of the screen to reach their hearts. Similarly, keeping certain educational items prepared with the parent’s collaborations will be an added advantage to share the same stimulus as an ideal classroom.

Sing and Dance

Kids are eager to dance and sing. So, be always strategic to combine the subjective matters along with the theme you selected. And, perform the relevant dances and singing contest with your lovely little students. Yes! They will be happy a lot. It will further help to build up long-lasting memory about learned subject matters.

Let students talk!

Teaching for the kindergarten level is totally different from adult education. Thus, they won’t stay silent throughout the lesson. They will ask questions, and also they are fond of sharing their ideas with colleagues. So, let them a chance to be themselves.

Have funny games ready!

Even though you all are in a distance and front of a digital screen, you still can arrange games for your kids. Thus, use games like word matching, counting or simple games of mathematics, singing, and colouring up games to make their hearts better.

Share your smile for all and say Hi to every kid!

All the kids need a kind-hearted teacher. Thus, be nice to smile at every kid in your online classroom. And, get some time to say hi at the very beginning of the lesson. It will motivate them for an engaging lesson.

Explain slowly

Kids cannot be fast learners as adults. So, be wise to control your voice when necessary to reach them faster.

Use at least two-three stories throughout the lesson to motivate kids

The little ones are very much eager to listen to stories. Thus, if you would tell them a fairy tale by describing a lesson, they will enjoy your teachings.

Bless them at the end and share a beautiful hope about the next meetup

Yes! Probably you may feel tired after a long lesson with lots of clarifications. But, take some time to bless your kids at the end of the class. Similarly, explain to them how will be the next class. And, it is better to give them a hope of amazing stories, songs and heroes you are supposed to bring on the next day.

The things at the last lines…

As a preschool level teacher, you are facing a few major challenges in online learning. But, somehow you should make them happy too. So, have your time to bless them a happy week. And, give them hope for the interesting lesson at the next meetup. Thus, they will encourage to be ready with home works.

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