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What is Motivation Means With its Components and types?

What is Motivation Means With its Components and types?

Motivation is a psychological term that has a huge meaning for the successful outcome of a goal-oriented task. Sometimes, this simple definition sounds like motivation means only for planned and organised objectives. Yet, there are many more examples of applying the theory of motivation into day to day activities. Often, all these may be accidental to you unless you have deeply investigated “what is motivation”.

So, today, we have planned to discuss the basics of motivation and how to use this concept for your beneficences. Well, in simple terms, this psychological term explains why individual trends to do something and why they are reluctant to meet certain goals.

It means if someone is motivated to do something, it drives him or her for a successful outcome. Or else, lack of motivation can make failures. But, this is not only a scientific or psychological concept. Thus, it can apply to both personal and social goals.

What is motivation and Its Components?

If we wanted to become succeeded in a given or desired objective, it is mandatory to follow certain steps until we end up with the ultimate targets. Similarly, motivation also has certain steps or components. Those are known as,

  • Activation
  • Persistence
  • Intensity

So, knowing each step may help you to identify what are the positive mindsets you have and what are the drawbacks to meet objectives.

Activation means initiation. So, when a person takes a decision or action to initiate a task, it is known as the activation step. Actually, this is the mandatory phase in motivation as it can control the next two components. Or else, if someone didn’t take an action or decision, they will never meet the outcomes of a planned objective.

Next, the second component described continuous involvement for the initiated action. It is common to meet pushes and pulls during life goals. But, if the person is motivated enough, they can manage the whole process of reaching up to the endpoint of their goals. And, if they give up the effort at any point, it will again course for failures. Further, it resembles diminished motivation due to certain barriers. Often, we can eliminate failures at this step with enough psychological and counselling session.

Intensity is the strength and endurance of a person to meet certain objectives. If the intensity is greater enough to fulfil the desired task or a process, they can pursue the planned objective faster than others who lack the strength to continue a task. Often, social and psychological support may work efficiently to enhance intensity.

An Example to describe components of motivation!

Let’s take a student who has completed their secondary education and waiting for higher education. In this step, they are mostly waiting to take a decision. Sometimes, they may have an intention on what are the interesting field of study. But, certain obstacles such as parent wishes, expenses and lack of qualifications may become drawbacks.

So, when the student analyses all of those barriers and motives, they will make a decision. Let’s think he has decided to study accounting while working. This is called activation.

Once they initiate the decision and pursue a study opportunity and a career opportunity, they have to work on the objective. Often, the student has to set up certain sub-objectives through their way until they meet the main objective. This whole process may have many obstacles exerted by spiritual, social and mental status. But, if the individual still works over the planned objective, it is known as persistence.

Next, the way of facing obstacles, how they overcome drawbacks and the strategies used during the process until the end may decide intensity. Here, if the student could be able to pursue the degree while promoting in the job, he is motivating enough to become a success.

What are the types of Motivation?

When you study what is motivation, the types of motivation is a mandatory part to identify the concepts.

Psychological studies describe two types of motivation. Those include intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. As the word suggests intrinsic means the drives arise through someone’s internal thoughts. Next, extrinsic motivation means the drives directs through outside factors.

If someone likes to meet objectives just through their internal motivators like being a successful individual or being a success in all dreams and to fulfil an internal curiosity, it called intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation has huge differences from this concept. Actually, it means when someone works for an objective under a push or drive arises from outside forces. This may be due to forces exerted by a social companion or due to rewards and appreciation.

So, it is clear that people will work differently when meeting certain life goals. And, motivation is a mandatory factor in those life incidences as it can decide whether to fail or to be succeeded.


Knowing what is motivation will help you to set up daily goals and even the long term goals to continue until you reach ultimate success. Even though this is a bit complex study area in psychology, still we can take it simply to address the general population. So, there are lots to go on the topic. Be ready to identify the benefits of motivation and the theories behind this concept to make your life successful.

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