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How to motivate someone in 7 Simple Steps!

How to motivate someone in 7 Simple Steps!

Motivation is an emotional change towards the positive aspect of thinking. But, the people used to defined positivity in different measures. It depends on individuals’ intelligence levels. However, the community has desires to motivate others towards their inspiration under the limitations they have included over positivity. Often, this can be an influence for change. Often, this kind of concepts is popular in marketing, education and political aspects.

Well, no matter what is the expected point of motivation, here are the seven simple ways to describe how to motivate someone.

How to motivate someone to move for a change at first?

The first step is the most powerful tool in motivating someone for your inspiration is ensuring trust and change. If you failed to build at least the sense of change at this step, you will lose the whole process of motivating the second party. Well, let’s see what are the three most important steps to follow for a real achievement of motivating someone for a given objective.

Listen to the topic

Often, you are going to motivate someone for a known inspiration. It means there is a higher possibility to have an intention on what is going on for both parties. In this case, you can wait a bit and listen to their points.

But, if the second party does not aware of the purpose of the meeting, you should start the discussion at first. And, once the second party got an idea, you can again wait and listen to their points. This is the golden opportunity to understand where they are in. Thus, you can gradually turn their points into a profitable discussion.

Further, if you failed to open their mouth to reveal truths and ideas, there is a big challenge to motivate them. So, first of all, you must be a friendly listener. At the same time do not forget to follow influencing concepts in psychology.

Encourage them to move through the open-minded question

The second most important part of opening their ideas and implanting new ideas starts with this step.

The open-minded questions are the secret of tricky counsellors. With this method, you can motivate the client to speak a lot. The best and practically applying method for this scenario is asking questions that never cause worry or anger. Does it mean you should not direct them questions like, what was the reason? Tell me the date of that incident happened or what is the name? Etc.

So, you may encourage them to talk with questions like, is that so? Oh no… What happened then? What do you think? What are your general points on that decision?.

Help them find options

Happily, if they decide, there is something to change, do not guide them directly towards your choice. In this case, you may help them find options. And, carefully listen and observe whether they are going on the track or out of the point. In this case, you can again use open-minded questions to let them think back.

Once the clients go through the options, they may find a few choices as the solutions. The counsellor can then use those existing options to carry on the discussion.

4 Steps to make a change in someone!

Here are the next four main steps to make a change of identified negligences. Those steps are mandatory to decide what is the best option to move through among available choices.

Suggest the new Concept

Often, the last few options of the client may have a move for the point of motivation. But, it can be a little different choice than the point. Yet, you can use this moment to implant the new concepts.

But, in case if the client did not agree with the choice at first, further discussion is useful to clarify things.

Start a tricky argument to clarify the pros and cons

Since now the discussion has gone on a deeper level, you can even start an argument to clarify the pros and cons. And, make sure to keep it at a psychologically desired level. Otherwise, the client may give up all the trust and confidence in your session.

Tell a story of success

Often, using figures and success stories works better in counselling. Thus, if the counsellor needs to make a change in their clients, they may use illustrations of success stories. Since this strategy can wake up both the visual and audible sensors of the client, they tend to understand the concept easily.

Welcome to the change

Once you go through all these steps, they will step forward for a change. So, this is the time to welcome the client for the change. And, the meaning of achieving this step is, you have completed the mission of motivating someone for your inspiration.

The verdict

The positive and psychological speaker can motivate someone for a given inspiration through a well-managed discussion. So, here we have listed seven steps to build up motivational discussion. We believe it will provide enough details on how to motivate someone easily. But, make sure to maintain limitations and strength of explanation to ensure a trustworthy outcome.

Well, if you needed to find more about what is motivation and goal setting for students and the workplace, browse through our pages. We will also publish the secrets of what is happiness and what is psychological studies throughout our journey. So, keep engaging with us to collect more information.

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