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How to Increase Intrinsic Motivation in Students!

How to Increase Intrinsic Motivation in Students!

Motivation has two main types as extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. The meanings of these two varieties take contrast ideas. But, it is possible to work on both intrinsic and extrinsic factors when dealing with an objective. And, both these means are essential to have a successful outcome. So, first, it is mandatory to know what is the real meaning of these two types and how to increase intrinsic motivation and extrinsic factors for faster outcomes.

Well, here we have planned to reveal 10 amazing secrets which you can increase the desire to reach certain targets. Often, these factors are applicable for those who are looking for self-motivating factors and also the influencing factors to improve self-esteem. But, the methods of promoting extrinsic motivation is not applicable in increasing self-esteem through external forces.

8 Amazing Secrets to Improve Intrinsic Motivation!

We always recommend the improvement of intrinsic motivation than working for an external reward as it can wake up individuals’ innate skills. Here are the ways of reaching the targets through their unique efforts.

Always have a proper evaluation on tasks

If you are a student or if you are a parent who has an innate desire to take your son or daughter to the expected level of education, this is a mandatory step. Often, there are many students which do not have proper intention on how to avail super grades. But they want.

Within this mindset, they have reached up to one step in intrinsic motivation. It means they have the requirements to take super grades. So, if you are also in this step, you must first evaluate why you need it.

How to make a proper evaluation form?

As the second most important step, you must prepare an evaluation form. So, it should be consists of two columns. The first column is to list down the benefits of doing the task. And, the second one is to list down possible flaws.

When to fill up the evaluation form!

Our first advice is not to hurry. But, it is good to finish the evaluation within the first few days of the expected finishing dates. So, you can have an early idea about the benefits of fulfilling the desired task. Or else, if the plan seems less effective, it is a good way to terminate further actions and think about a change.

Read about the benefits of being confident and facing challenges

Once you identify how beneficial is the self-esteem towards the successful ending, it is important to take actions to improve confidence. But, if it is still a matter, the best way to be motivated for the next action is reading.

Get Involved with the plan

When we are out of the plan, it is possible to decrease intrinsic motivation. So, even though you are still on the evaluating step, you should get involved with at least the first stage of the plan. Often, curiosity arises to experience the upcoming results will be an inherent factor to continue the plan.

Understand Your Desires!

Often, it is easier to carry out tasks that are interesting for us. It is efficient than working for others objectives. Thus, when you have a challenging objective, you must seek the interests within the projects.

Even you think it is difficult to continue and executed through your skill range if it is fitting for your desires, it will be an added advantage. So, find out what are the most absorbing points and try to start the project from that point itself.

Do not focus on the rewards and appreciation from external parties!

Rewards and certification can be great influencer for a task. But, possibly, it is temporary as the motivation can end with the loss of hopes. This is similar to work on sales to become the bestseller. Even if you fight a lot to get the reward, sometimes you may miss the chance due to a small gap in sales.

But, if you have worked hard to please your customers just to increase your satisfaction and not to make any competition with your colleagues, the motivation will be innate. So, you will always work hard even you are not rewarded as the bestseller.

Often, this is also compatible with students who fight to become the best student than collecting facts to sharpen their knowledge.

Never Compare! Be yourself!

Comparisons are good only if the person does not lose their motivation in front of the failures. So, comparing the skills of students is never a good choice to motivate their desires.

Since the kids and students of any ages can have different skill levels, their performances may vary. Thus, letting students find their way is the better than forcing them to pass their playmates.

Things at last…

Intrinsic motivation is highly related to innate desires. So, it can be a great influencer to motivate someone for a given task. But, it is rare to see the occasions that individuals are seeking how to increase intrinsic motivation. Often, students and working forces are fights for rewards. Yet, it is time to work for happiness than to avail rewards and appreciation. Do you need to know more about what is motivation and what is happiness? Navigate through the site to read more. It will help you to understand even what is psychological education. Finally, make your life a golden opportunity to be happy!


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