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Success Versus Happiness What is the Most Important for you?

Success Versus Happiness What is the Most Important for you?

Success remains at the high d of positive psychology. What about happiness? Yes! Happiness or contentment also remains at the same level when compared to success. So, it is very much essential to admire whether we need to be happy or to be successful. The comparisons of success versus happiness can take two different interfaces. It means it can be positively influenced to acquire both the status at once of negatively influencing to select a one as more powerful and important than the other. 

Well, as psychology explains, happiness is the feeling of satisfaction in front of achieving expectations. Similarly, success is also the state of achieving expectations. But, actually, does happiness is the only way to be successful? Can’t we get the status of success without limiting ourselves to satisfaction or happiness? Yes! It seems like a confusing discussion. Yet, it is worth discussing.

Outsider’s intention of your Success versus happiness!

No matter what is your social and professional background, your friends, family and office mates have a separate reading on you. So, first, what will they conclude on your status? Will they state that you are a happy person even without a single dollar in the pocket, or you are a successful person even without a single smiling line on your face? Yes! This is the most disgusting fact that an individual suffers when deciding what is important from success or happiness. 

Simply, success is the measure that is based on your achievements. It depends upon many factors including personal achievements such as buying a new car, building a house or having a married life. Or it can be a professional achievement such as acquiring a job with high wage facilities, promoting or starting a business. In another hand, it can be a social accomplishment such as having connections with superclass families, possessing a place in social service committees or having an honourable seat in the community. 

But, all these achievements depend upon personal and community measurements. So, success can define according to the outside community. 

Happiness has a different point of reading. Often, it is the status of being satisfied. So, happiness can express as one’s dignity. It does not express how and what others are expecting you to be. But, nowadays, there is a myth that being successful will offer happiness on its own. Thus, people used fast run through busy life schedules to be successful as their community desire. 

Later on, if they reflect on the outcome of the effort they put on to be successful and the level of happiness they acquired through the journey, they may quit at an unexpected reflection.  

What should come at first, happiness or success?

Imagine, you may have heard of the hen and egg story. Thus, what has come at first? How can there find an egg without a hen? In another hand, how can a hen be there without an egg? The relationship between happiness and success also remains at the same status. 

But, the individuals can have varying choices. It is the same as tossing a coin. So, the mission has an equal possibility to select to be successful at first or to be happy at first. However, not like tossing for head or tail, ultimately, you would be able to own both the statements. But, it happens only if you choose the right path or the action plan.

So, it is clear that what comes first is a personal statement than a psychological theory. The basics of acquiring both these statuses are identifying that happiness is the status of the mind which can someone pursue on their own. Yet, it is not a permanent status of mind. It means, the experiences, achievements or relationships can change this status easily. Similarly, the success of achieving something physically or emotionally can be ended at the point or can progress further after achievement. But, the emotional compartment of success is less than happiness. 

But, a few psychological studies have suggested that success does not only the acquiring of power and wealth. So, it suggests that being successful is highly combined with a happy life.

The last tips!

Even though it seems discussions about what is happiness and success is up to the point, the title success versus happiness is complicated. It is mostly due to the close interconnections between these two psychological concepts. 

In brief, the status of what should expect at first from success and happiness depends upon personal interests. And, it is common to achieve both at the end of the mission. But, there are occasions which a happy person to be failures continuously due to incorrectly selected action plans. Similarly, several succeeded millionaires are there who have suicided just because of depression and failure of being happy. 

Thus, the ultimate solution to be successful and to be happy is acquiring a balanced lifestyle. Sometimes, it can be the art of living. Often, psychological education plays an immense role in establishing this statement among the future generation, which is responsible for the success of the universe in the next few decades.

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