What is Achievement Motivation and How to Use it?

What is Achievement Motivation

Motivation is simply the external or internal force that drives you toward a specific goal. This can be a personal or team mission. Yet, the ultimate ending point is the need of reaching an objective. Psychology and the general community beliefs have defined this concept through different names and manners. Basically, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators are the two major kinds of motivations. If so, what is achievement motivation?

Simply, it explains the motivation to achieve something. When people work hard to plan, execute the working schedules and reach until they meet main objectives, they really work for a feeling of accomplishment. 

This is the conceptual mean of achievement motivation.

What is the achievement motivation used for?

There are no exact criteria that explain the set up which are mostly related to achievement motivation. Thus, if you know the concept you can work on it for different kinds of objectives. We will describe a few of such uses through the following examples. 

If you are a student, you have varying types of challenges in your school. Sometimes, it can be an assignment, term test or major examination to achieve your career dream. 

So, let’s take it as a term test. Here, first, you have to define your major objective. Often, it can be ranking at the first place of your class. Now, you are working hard to collect more marks on a successful answer paper or practical test. 

In case, if you end up in the second place, you have another mission to complete to get the “feeling of accomplishment” by achieving the first place. Until that, you are working on the motivational factor. So, your motivation becomes a successfully driven factor on the day you reach first place in your class. We hope, now you can grab the concept and execute it for your workplace, home and community meetings.

How to use achievement motivation most effectively?

Secrets of being successful with the achievement motivation techniques are all about planning. So, you should always be smart in setting up goals, planning and executing the planned schedules. 

Well, let’s discuss each component separately to know how to use the concepts until you get the feeling of victory. 

First of all, you should set the relevant goals. It may let you imagine your work plan. As you have heard so far, making goals may become easier with the “SMART” concept. 

Next, you have to prepare a timeline. As an example, let’s take your dream is to rank first in your class, you should separate the year or semesters into small timelines. Then, you can work on the planned objectives within the timeline. But, never try to jump over or mislead your timeline when executing the plans unless there is a reasonable excuse. 

So, if you work hard according to these criteria which are explained in the achievement motivation, you would be able to reach your goals easier. Ultimately, you will feel accomplished and really need a fresh start for another goal.

Words at the end!

Motivation theories are always similar to helping hands for those who are willing to be successful. So, varying kinds of psychological experts have introduced certain theories and concepts to enhance trustworthy beginning for a successful work plan. If you have heard about achievement motivation before, definitely, you may have tried to find out what is achievement motivation through different sources. 

So, we think we could be able to help you to identify the concept and to follow the guides until you meet the feeling of victory. Stay connected with us to know the best values of your dreams.

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