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Why can’t Money Buy Happiness – The Mind Explanations!

Why can’t Money Buy Happiness – The Mind Explanations!

Often, people are on the blind belief of having money can make them happy. Is it always true? You may have seen billionaires are suiciding due to loss of expectations and happiness while beggers are smiling with a cup of tea. This is the most suitable scenario to explain why can’t money buy happiness. 

Yet, as an ordinary person who read this piece of content, you may wonder why money cannot make everything as we desire. Isn’t it? Yes! In this case, you need more and more psychological explanations to accept the truth.

We hope we would be able to help you in this matter by offering some ideas based on positive psychology. Simply, remember that experts never say “earn money to be happy”. Often, they are always telling to be happy to earn money. 

Why can’t money buy happiness as we desired?

First of all, give your answers to the following questions and let’s move on to the discussion.

  • What do you need to be happy?
  • Why you cannot achieve or pursue those things?
  • Will you be able to be happy by having money to buy the things that you need to be happy?
  • How much money do you need to be happy?

You may certainly have unique requirements to be happy. It can be having a reputation for your educational qualifications, constructing the dreamed house, buying a luxury car or a vehicle to drive, getting married or having good news about your parenting. 

Then, you may have several barriers behind failure to achieve those happiness makers. Is that only about the money? What are the barriers that cannot get a reputation for your qualifications? Someone may think they need money to pay for the commissions. But, another may have enough money but no political support. If not, there may not suitable job opportunities to apply. What is your status? 

This kind of matter may be there for all other happiness makers too.

Next, will money alone can make you happy and make you satisfied with those identified happiness makers? Often, it isn’t. You need so many other things to be happy. Even though you have the money you may not be able to be happy. 

Simply, money cannot buy everything you need to be happy. Especially emotions like love, caring and feeling of safe are worth more than the money owing to a billionaire. That is why they are easily becoming dissatisfied and more prone to suicide. But, this is not a rare case for ordinary people too. Everyone needs a balanced lifestyle to be happy.

A simple ending for why can’t money buy happiness

Being happy is an art. It is the deepest connection between mind, body and nature. Even though having money can buy everything and anything, we don’t exactly know what is the perfect thing that we can be happy by achieving or pursuing. 

Thus, we may be still disappointed and will seek happiness ever. It means the money we spent so far may not make us happy. Simply, it is not the thing that can make our hearts rich. 

So, spend some time analysing your mind to pursue your happiness. Then, you can earn money to keep maintaining your happiness while spending a balanced lifestyle. When you reach up to this point you may realise why can’t money buy happiness and why you need to share love, care and humanity for everyone around you and beyond your visual, spiritual boundaries.

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