Home Motivation & Goals When we get to the end of our lives together – Happy marriage

When we get to the end of our lives together – Happy marriage

When we get to the end of our lives together – Happy marriage

So when we get to the end of our lives together. We are going to talk about how to keep a marriage life together. Im currently on a 6 years relationship. Im not married but I can give some advice to new generation. From what i learned and seen as a kid in my early ages. My family kept their marriage successfully most of things that i learned about marriage from my family.  No marriage is always happy. Like all relationships, there are ups and downs, says psychologist Erika McGregor. But when they fight, happy couples listen to each other’s point of view, admit the fight is out of control and fix it, he said. In fact, a marriage and family therapist, says some of the happiest couples she’s worked with have gone through tough times. Therefore, if you and your spouse sometimes argue or have difficulties, it does not necessarily mean that your marriage is unhappy. Im saying for a fact it might means that you are normal.

When we get to the end of our lives together – Focus on each other’s strengths.

It’s not always easy to see the little troubles of the past, and sometimes you may even hate your partner. But to have a happy marriage, you have to accept your partner’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to set realistic expectations for yourself, says Ellen Chuth of LMSW. For example, if you’re better with numbers, don’t get angry if your checkbook doesn’t balance. Instead, make budgeting your job. If cooking is their forte, they can handle meal planning. Using our strengths every day is associated with increased happiness, says Susan Pileggi, co-author of Happy Together, which she co-wrote with her husband . We experience greater relationship satisfaction when we help our partners develop their strengths, he said.

However, we still have to do things together. and have fun together. While it’s important not to rely entirely on your partner to maintain a happy marriage, it’s also important to share common experiences. Adding new activities and interests to your relationship can strengthen that bond, says. When couples share a unique passion or learn something together, like taking cooking or tennis lessons, they grow together. According to info, Happy couples are passionate about each other’s lives. Whether it’s a love of travel, a strong desire to start a family together or a commitment to a common cause, this experience enriches their relationship. So when we get to the end of our lives together.

Choose to be attracted to your spouse.

Can you decide if you find your partner sexy. Believe it or not, yes. Involving a spouse is a decision you have the power to make throughout your marriage, says Sunny McMillan, certified life coach, radio host and author of Unhooked. She recommends practicing spirit attraction. To do this, he says, focus on your favorite qualities, like your spouse’s hips or the way they raise their children not necessarily physical ones. The good news is that your spouse doesn’t have to be a cover model to be attracted to them. According to Chut, happy marriages are built on a sense of connection. Physical attraction is much deeper than appearance.

Laugh at each other.

Life is full of stress, so even in the most difficult times, it helps to regain a sense of calm. Usually when a couple has a sense of humor, it means they have a vision. Who advises couples to find laughter in good times and bad. He said he noticed that couples in happy marriages got along well. Whether it’s little jokes, silly and unexpected text messages, or just watching your favorite sitcom together, communicating with your spouse through laughter can strengthen your bond, she says.

Be nice to each other.

Respecting and understanding your spouse is very important, McGregor said. If you judge and judge, it usually ends up being defensive and resentful. frustrated with their relationship, their character for example, he says, do not say: You are lazy! You never wash your plate. Instead, try saying, Since I cooked dinner, I’d appreciate it if you did the dishes tonight.

Celebrate the small and beautiful moments.

Most of us know how important it is to be there for our partners in difficult times, said by my father. But, he says, it’s just as important to recognize the good times. In fact, there are more good things than bad things, but couples often miss such an opportunity to connect, he said. So the next time your spouse shares something positive, like a compliment from your boss, immediately stop what you’re doing and focus on it, she says. Help them enjoy the moment by asking them questions and actively enjoying the good news. By doing this, you will be grateful for the happy times in your marriage.

When we get to the end of our lives together – Appreciate each other.

When you’re with someone all the time, it’s easy to take them for granted, but according to my father, you should verbally express your gratitude every day. Whether you want to actively focus on the thoughtful things they do or let them know you like something about them, we all need to feel appreciated and encouraged for what we do well, McGregor says. As the article when we get to the end of our lives together. There more to talk about. For example, if your spouse makes you coffee in the morning, tell them your day starts with a smile. If we don’t feel valued, we can become resentful and alienated.

When we get to the end of our lives together – Accept and wait for the change.

Mostly believes that to have a happy marriage. Both sides might need to grow and adopt the environment. Couples must be willing to grow and adapt. Our needs are constantly changing, people are growing, and relationships are evolving, he said. So what we need today may not be what we need in a few years. Bending, leaning and twisting around each other in a balanced dance is essential, he said. Because in a successful marriage, everyone supports each other to grow and become better, which means they grow together as individuals and as a team. Until death do them part.

So this is all i got to say about when we get to the end of our lives together. I hope that my life experience and the info that i gathered helped you. I will see you guys soon.

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