Wife just wants to be a friend – simply explained

Wife just wants to be a friend

With this article we will discuss the statement of “wife just wants to be a friend “. According to this statement it has there are two ways. When wife just want to be a friend, she does it without broken her connection with husband. But sometimes we can see the wife do this refused to commit to her husband. We explain that first thought. Wife and husband has a deep bond in forever. They wish to live together with their all things. when we look at the past sometime every husband has every opportunity to decided decisions. They always tried to give a special place to husband. And all the things had depended on only husband’s decision. But some wives are not like this. They find a friendly husband. Through this, wish to always be happy and share your feelings balance with husband or wife.

Further consideration according to the view they can be very close. the ideas of both may be consideration with their task. But they have a deep connection with true love. They love to enjoy their lives using their friendship. They don’t have more risks or too many responsibilities. We can say through this bond the wives wish to a husband who understands her feelings well. Even her mistakes he tries to correct it as a friend. Make sure then they live happily with this bond. In present society we can hear there are a lot of conflicts among families. There is a main thing to that they cannot share feelings among them. But I think if they try to be friends with love, they will solve most of conflicts on family. According to this view you also try to build this connection in your family.

Wife just wants to be a friend. Another idea

In above paragraph we discussed our first view. Another idea is the wife wants to be a friend without love or some connection. In here we can say directly the wife wish to break their bond. It will have more reasons. Sometime wife doesn’t care about her husband. They are unable to share feelings with love. They fail with affection or attraction with other persons. Not only that in society some wives are finding another love. Because of these reasons she says to husband that she wishes to be a friend with him. When we are hearing news today, we will here like these conflicts among families. They are not talking platonic pet names to each other. They do not try to talk lovely words. Then they can’t improve their love and connection also feelings.

As well as they have less like to sex. They it seems funny thing. If your bond be a friend without love, you will never think about sex. Not only that they are not expecting from each other. Because of that they try to expect their things with another person. This will be damage for their family. And they have no passion with each other. Without passion you will never love another person. This also will happen sign of just friendship. Then the wife and husband are unsure about their feelings. From this action they can’t work together romantically. When we deeply connected with others person, we will have romantic feelings also.it is a secret of love affairs. If wife just want to be a friend, she will never feel romantically with husband. This may be a reason for break up their connection.

How to fix a relationship where only friendship exists

There are a lot of relationship among humans. Among them wife and husband are a deep loving and romantic bond that we have. From this connection we try to connect with sex also. But they are awesome. Family live just only as friends. Friendship is a very important bond, but sometimes it will not match for the bond of husband and wife. As this we try to back out this situation first you should be strong with your love and Bayesian share your feelings with partner who this you can talk with lovely him or her if you have any doubt. With partner you can talk directly and open to him or her. This may be any type of feelings. However, you have an ability to tell everything with your partner. Then you can go ahead from this bond.

As soon as you can do outdoor activities, try to go on trips with your partner, then this will be a various thing without normal life. While travelling you can get photos like memories. This may be like romantic, and it will help you to. Remember your special dates. Furthermore, you should wear about others interest. You also be significant with those needs, while here in this you can improve your love as a wife or husband. Then another thing is you can buy gift for your partner. From this the partner will be happy and surprised. After that, he or she tempted to give you more love to you. If you have lots of love, you also can try these methods. Only friendship is not a way to continue your relationship.

Wife just wants to be a friend, final thoughts.

In here we discussed love and its different areas. We all have any type of love connection. Sometimes it will be a deep bond forever. First, we have a trust about another person and identify what are the things that he/she wants. You should try to give their needs. specially husbands may be trying to understand their wives. Sometimes she feels in grief or feeling sad about something. You may have missed some of her wishes. So, you must understand all of that. We must always be the right person to take on some responsibility. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind in any relationship. We will let you know about this through the statement “wife just wants to be a friend”

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