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Why motivation doesn’t last best answers for all your problems

Why motivation doesn’t last best answers for all your problems

One of the main question between human is why motivation doesn’t last. If we are going to talk about this first you must know what is motivation. We can explain this as your work that you initiates, guides and maintains your behaviors. Or you can say you effort to drink water to reduce the thirst. This involves emotional, social, cognitive and biological forces to activate your behavior. It is an internal process that making you want to do work. Or we can say desire to act on your goals. If we are motivate outcome of that is very great. It will improve your performance. And getting motivated will enhanced your wellbeing. Your personal growth will be reach numbers while you watching. If you want to get more motivated you must surround yourself with positive people. Doing this will make you work even harder.

Why motivation doesn’t last the main problem

 You might get mortivated but with the time your motivation might fade. You will get bored. Or you will get anxious can I do this. It’s actually not your fault it’s just natural. With the time your will power will fade. And you will start to no believe in yourself. You will start do less work. Or you will let go your dreams. You will look at others chase their dreams and you will start going to a wrong path. If you a team leader when your motivation fell your all team members will fall. They will also start to think they can’t do things. They will be emotionally falling to a deep pit. If you’re going to start something you must know nothing permanent. Even your motivation will be fall if you are not committing. To people it’s actually challenging to commit to a one thing.

You will feel motivated when you’re starting something and eventually you will be bored. You must understand that motivation is an emotion. Emotions change with the time. Getting motivated is a feeling that makes you want to do work for your goals. Feelings will come today and will go after few days. You will not motivated all-time. When you’re working hard you will fall sometime. You will get uninspired. After that you will need to stop all you doings and start doing nothing at all. You will think now it’s not true I’m inspired all time. Lack of motivation and getting uninspired is common to us all. Getting uninspired is in our daily life. There times that I don’t even want to do anything wanting to lay on bed. That’s actually lack of motivation. When people set first goals they are so excited to start. But not for long.

Why does Motivation doesn’t last long

As I say getting motivate is an emotion. Emotions comes and go you will feel less working. So getting motivate doesn’t last long. There will be great days there will be bad days. When you’re chasing a goal bad days will come. Going through bad day will make fall back. You will be so excited when you started to chase a goal. You will work hard when your reaching your goals you ill work even harder. After few weeks your old habits will kick in. you will feel less working. It will make you want stay on your comfort zone. Then starts your Motivation fade away. And one of another things is getting distracted. By doing your day-by-day you will forget your goals. Then you will lose focus on your dreams. This is few things why your Motivation doesn’t last long.

Getting Doubtful while chasing dreams

When you inspire yourself to chase your dreams you might get doubtful. Can I do this or like will I fail. It’s natural to feel like that. But this is main reason most people stop chasing dreams. The fear after you get doubtful will make you fall. If you’re a team that follows dreams if you fall the whole team will be fall. When you feel doubtful your whole dreams will get sabotage. This will stop you from chasing dreams. It will make you get easily stop your wok. You will start to think I can’t do this if I start again I will fall again. Things like that will destroy your ego to work hard. And then you will start fail to produce results. If you start to see no results on your work and you will get feared.

How to start motivating yourself correctly

To start getting motivate correctly first you need to find your dream. The dream is the main key of getting motivated. After you find your dream you must need a work plan. Work plan is how you do your dream chasing. Then you need to break your work plan to simple tasks. Another thing is creating a positive mindset. Positive mindset means you must look positively at everything you do. Then you must be kind to yourself. You don’t want to be so harsh to yourself. You need to be creative. Your path must be creative and you must enjoy it. The main key is cutting the things that wasting your time. Wasting time will make you see your path isn’t right. And setting more goals will make you be more motivated. So today we talked about why Motivation doesn’t last I think we talked what you need.

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