What does anger taste like and how to avoid it?

What does anger taste like

So for today we’re going to speak what does anger taste like and how you feel when you’re angry.  We need to understand what anger is first. If I say simply anger is emotion that you often feel. If I say more specifically anger is emotion that you feel toward someone or something. Anger sometimes comes as a good feeling. Like you want to protect someone. Or sometime comes as a negative impact for you. Like you feel anger towards some for no reason. Or jealousy mostly comes out as anger. The main reason for this is or common reason is you losing patient on some thing or someone. Mostly anger comes when your opinions doesn’t get appreciate or people doesn’t want to hear them. Anger might start when your memories get triggered by something. This is an expression that you express pain sometimes it can get bad.

What does anger taste like

So this is a question that most people around the world have can we taste our anger. For the fact mostly we can’t taste anger. Anger might doesn’t have a taste most of the part. But did you know world suggest that anger has a taste. They named the taste of anger as spicy because we get a spicy feeling when we are angry. Did you know there is a rare condition that people that can taste emotions and colors. Called gustatory synesthesia this cause people to taste emotions. There is no specific details about this conditions so let’s keep looking more about anger. As I say anger is like the spice that you taste. Like spice taste comes and go but sometimes it cause negative impact. Most people ask can we describe sourness also as anger. Soreness is a negative emotion but it’s like sadness not like anger.

How the anger feels in people

Are looking for answer that how anger feels like how to find am I angry things like that. So let’s starts talking about how people will feel when they are angry. First if you’re in a middle of conversation and you’re speaking about your opinions and no one listening. And you start to feel why I’m even talking or I want punch someone. Feelings like that comes to your mind that means you feel angry because others refuse to listen you. Or if you feel like you want to scream at someone even at your family members. That also means you feel anger inside you. More example like if you’re teacher and you feel like you have strong headache when you student don’t listen. That also you’re angry at your students but you can’t express it. And your anger comes out as a headache to you.

Or think like this someone that stronger than you is trying to bully you. And you mind is like hit him back or your hands start to shake. That also means you’re angry there so many ways impress anger. Some are impressions that you might think that those are not anger emotions. Like your feeling protective over someone for some exact reason. That might be also anger that over the person that threatening. Now you might understand what anger emotion is like. Most people ask is disgust also an impact of anger. So for those people that think disgust also anger it’s actually not an emotion of anger. Disgust is more like completely a different emotion. Anger and disgust doesn’t carry same look. Disgust more you doesn’t like something and you want to vomit because of that kind of thing. But you can disgust yourself after you get anger.

Is it ok to feel angry and how to avoid getting angry?

As a human we all get angry sometimes even animals get angry. So you might think is ok to get angry, can I get angry on something. As you can see getting angry is natural you can’t avoid it only control. You only need to control your anger. You might ask why control anger if I can remove anger from my life. Remember you need some emotions in your life. Anger may also come handy on your life. Most emotions like this also provide information on your needs. Only thing that you will need is controlling your anger. Some ask is it ok to express anger for this I will say ok but with conditions. Don’t express your anger inhuman ways. I’m telling that if you want to express your anger express it on some object. That object also want to be something that doesn’t harm you.

Like a plushy ball press that plushy ball every time that you get angry. You must know this anger leads to more successful decisions. So don’t express anger on people express them on objects like plushy balls. I will tell you how to avoid anger simply. First thing is that you need to do is think twice before you start speaking. Second is when you’re calm please express your concerns. And don’t ever hold grudge. Take vacation if you feel angry on yourself. Be funny with every joke around them smile together. And go to a gym and start work outing to calm yourself. Do some yoga and meditation. These things will keep you calm try some these advise. So today we talked about what does anger taste like. I think you got a idea from this so see you soon.

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