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Top illustrative tattoo artist in nyc

Top illustrative tattoo artist in nyc

Top illustrative tattoo artist in nyc

What we are going to talk about now is one of my favorite topics. Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc. This going to be our main topic for today we are going to talk about my favorite and fan’s favorite top artists in nyc. As a tattoo artist and a tattoo fan I’m going to love this article.  Waiting for a date with the legendary Scott Campbell can be epic. If she has to side with Campbell, whose clients include Marc Jacobs and Helena Christensen, she’ll have to wait. If waiting isn’t his style, don’t overlook Saved’s plethora of incredible artists, including Chris O’Donnell, whose masculine edgy designs are astonishing, and Michelle Tarantelli’s playful, whimsical style.

Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc – Marty No Times

Marty No Times, beloved community icon and patron of Three Kings, refuses to submit to a dating-only system. The bustling hall welcomes walk-ins and typically hosts 14 artists in residence and a bevy of recurring guest artists 7 days a week. It’s the tattoo parlor of choice for Brooklyn indie rock bands like Hold Steady, Lucero, None More Black and Kill Your Idols, but Kings isn’t just for rockers. New Jersey Nets forward Boštjan Nachbar walks across the bridge.

This is no ordinary take-out tattoo parlor. Sacred’s venues cover the world of tattoo art and culture, including an art gallery featuring paintings and sculptures evoking current trends and subcultural art. Sacred’s 19 resident tattoo artists come in all styles, but take note: If you’re thinking of dating the gorgeous Jon Mesa, you should probably call today. Once he joined the cast of Oxygen Network’s “Best Ink,” it was hard to find that date.

Keith McCurdy

If you haven’t heard of Keith McCurdy aka Bang Bang, you’ve probably seen his research on some famous people. He is the artist behind Rihanna’s finger, “Love Your Brain” on Miley Cyrus’ arm, and many other famous tattoos.

Perhaps the most striking feature of McCurdy’s work is the realism of it. Flowers, animals and other characters emerge from the skin of his clients, so it is not surprising to learn that he turned to photography for inspiration. Sometimes people take photos of him to the studio, although the final product is often different.

“If a tattoo seems impossible, you might want to do it,” he said, recalling his recently tattooed arm in a New York apartment building. His other favorite tattoos include Rihanna’s gun and Cara Delevingne’s lion. He also has tattoos, Kylie Jenner tattoos. “She was very kind. She surprised me,” he said. Her lap now has Kylie’s signature “K” and a crown representing her nickname King Kylie.

Jon boy’s best tattoo artists

Jon Boy’s creations have also been featured on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Zayn Malik, known for their sophisticated miniature designs. “I originally started doing small tattoos because I found out that some people would get turned down by other artists for such delicate designs,” he says. “I have a keen interest in the world of fashion and love to wear these timeless tattoos as an understated accessory.”

Another important element of his work is religious themes. In fact, it was he who started the current Justin Bieber crossover. They went to the same church, Hillsong New York, and prayed before Jon Boy tattooed Bieber. “It was amazing to connect with him because of our shared beliefs,” he recalls.

Jon Boy is also a tattoo of Kylie Jenner and her friends Justine Skye and Jordyn Woods. Like Bang Bang, he has the King Kylie logo. “Kylie is hilarious,” he said. “We had a great time that night.”

Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc – Su Jiewen

Sue Jeiven, aka “Sweet Sue,” is so committed to making each tattoo so unique that once the design is complete, she throws away all the sketches. She never tattoos the same thing twice, and everything from the pedals to a single flower is custom made to fit the personalities of her clients.

From mermaids to ships in a bottle, Sue’s work explores nautical and fantasy themes. One of her favorite tattoos is a delicate seascape that she gave to a man who, after receiving it, quit her job at a research lab and moved to Spain to learn to command a ship. .

Sue’s people are often in the process of major life transitions, but according to her, they are not fully aware of them. “They can’t put it into words, so it’s almost an obsession for them,” he said. “They have to get tattoos because it’s their own body image that they can’t explain, and it’s great to be able to do that.”

Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc – Tamara Santibanez

Rather than wearing fairly traditional designs like hearts and flowers, Tamara Santibáñez’s clients are more likely to have insects and reptiles crawling on their skin, or chains and ropes tangled around their skin. Santibáñez finds most of his inspiration in the BDSM community. “She wanted to do tattoos that people involved in the subculture, myself included, could wear and feel accurate and stylish,” she says.

Born and raised in Georgia, Santibáñez is tattooed with various Chicano art designs that reflect her Mexican roots. She also collects Lowrider and Teen Angels magazines and fetish catalogs for inspiration.

So this is all I got to say about Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc. And I hope that this article is helpful for you guys and I will see you guys soon as possible. 

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