Top things that you should know before buying small Turkish furniture

you should know before buying small Turkish furniture

Before we going to talk about Top things that you should know before buying small Turkish furniture. We need to know what is Turkish furniture is. As from the name you can understand Turkish furniture is coming from turkey. Turkish furniture is famous for their beauty, these furniture is actually so beautiful. That people don’t even care about the price when they are buying. So if we talk about manufacturing mostly only six cities manufacture furniture in turkey. Main cities are Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Kayseri, Izmir and Adana. These cities are the main furniture manufactures in turkey. All furniture’s are mostly famous for the nice finishing touch and for the patterns on the furniture also very beautiful. These furniture’s are well known for the elegance and for the good durability of the furniture all across the world. And most of the furniture is made from natural wood.

Top things that you should know before buying small Turkish furniture – Main two styles

Turkish furniture there are two styles that inspired the manufactures. The first style we’re going to talk about ottoman style architecture. First let’s look what Ottoman Empire is. So Ottoman Empire is the well-known Muslim empire that ruled in 7th century. And they spread through Middle East parts of Asia. So in art Muslims were not allowed to draw animals and humans so this impact the art culture. So if we see about the architecture styles the traditional used vines, blossoms mostly floral elements. And the saz style were fancier and had more Chinese influence. You can find dragons in saz influenced art. Then the other style is naturalistic this style used more like gardens, plants and flowers in art. The fourth style is calligraphy this was an art writing style that focus on beauty of figures. So these are few style that you can also see on furniture’s.

The main next art style is Byzantine as the ottoman we need to know what Byzantine Empire is. Byzantine Empire is ruled in 7th century in turkey. They were first landed in Constantinople its Istanbul in modern day. And they build Constantinople as a thriving port on turkey. Byzantine Empire is mostly a roman empire that we can say western portion of Roman Empire. So this empire is had more Roman and Greek influence in it and it also affect to the art styles. But also in the 7th century Byzantine fall to Ottomans as a result of 55 day battle. So let’s see what their art looks like. Byzantine art was had more influenced to Greek Christianized culture like eastern roman. So Christianity and more Greek mythology style art and furniture’s used in this era. So the furniture has more Greek style in it than original Turkish style.

Benefits of having Turkish furniture at your house

As we talked about Turkish furniture style now let’s see the benefits of having them. In turkey they only use their cultural furniture. But to other countries most people don’t know the difference between normal furniture and the Turkish furniture. There is big difference between them so let’s talk about it. For the first thing let’s talk about durability of the furniture. For the most part most European and American furniture only last for few years may be not even years. On the other hand we got Turkish furniture that can last for 10 years least. There some Turkish furniture that even last for generations. Reason for this is that Turkish furniture use only natural wood to make furniture. And they keep their furniture strong not in weak type and thin. They use good amount of wood for make them. This reason that their furniture has the best durability.

The next benefit is the art and the style. So you’re buying normal furniture that doesn’t have good look you think will it be fit on your house. Installing plain furniture for thousands of dollars that not even have good look will not be good for your house. As I say Turkish furniture has style and also art meaning also they have a history. They two types of furniture’s that even goes two eras. Every single furniture is unique and hand made. Another benefit is the look that you get for your house. What if you bought normal American furniture will your house be attractive. Turkish furniture can make your house look classic and eye catching. It will give your house a pretty look or if you want your house look medieval. Turkish furniture is the way to go. Turkish furniture will give your house the best look.

What can you use with Turkish furniture?

So if you thinking Turkish furniture will not enough there so many things that you can get. But let see what is the best thing that you can get with Turkish furniture. The best thing is that you can get with this is Turkish rugs. Turkish rugs mean basically carpets but they are more than that. The art that rugs have is so incredible. These rugs can change the vibe on your living room or anywhere you put them. Best thing is every Turkish rug has back story’s even they also knot stories or cool images on them. I will give you an advice when you buying Turkish rugs. If you’re buying Turkish rug don’t buy new ones buy old ones. Sometimes those will have a history that going thousands years back. They might be worth millions with the time. Consider these tips before you buy furniture.

So today we talked about small Turkish furniture and more. I think I gave you useful information so see you soon with another article.

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