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The History and the Philosophy of Happiness in Life!

The History and the Philosophy of Happiness in Life!

Throughout our journey in finding what is happiness and the factors affecting happiness, we looked at so many factors to be happy. Similarly, several philosophers have paid their attention to define this term under the philosophical findings. Thus, they have concluded certain ideas about the social and emotional conditions behind this concept. So, we hope the beginner level happiness explorers should have a clear understanding of the philosophy of happiness in life for a better understanding.

Hence, today we hope to swim a bit deeper level of this ocean called history to find what are the ancients points of happiness. Yet, we believe, since this is an emotional concept and often a personal quality, the philosophies will closely match with the current teachings. Anyway, walking through the footprints of happiness explorers will be a fantastic journey. So, let’s be ready to match their findings along with the current experiences gained through your happiness tour.

Who Examine the philosophy of happiness in life at first?

As the ancient records available up to now reveal, the popular philosopher Democritus is the person who explores what is happiness at first. This Greek Philosopher has stated that happiness is a matter of mind. So, he has tried to explain that happiness is not a thing that decided through external powers. Similarly, he noted that happiness can never be the luck that is gifted through the fate of a person.

So, this popular public figure tried to introduce that happiness is a subjective matter. Yet, later on, other few philosophers have given some controversial ideas to Democritus. Hence, if you go through the ancient philosophical arguments, you would be able to find the different stages that the definition of happiness passed through. But, still, it is under the research process.

Thus, it is clear that being happy and satisfied is a challenge for everyone. That is why people try to explore happiness through varying kind of psychological studies. However, it is certain, no recent philosopher or an explorer of happiness will pass through psychological studies without considering those ancient teachings.

Well, let’s see what were the philosophical view of happiness after Democritus’s contentions.

How a philosophy of happiness in life has defined in relation to a subjective or objective manner?

Yes! Often the matter of happiness started with the argument whether it is subjective or objective. Today, there are enough examples that people complain “I/We cannot be happy because of them” or “He/She has stolen my happiness” Etc. So, such kind of bothering statements are always related to individuals points of view that describing happiness is something regulates by external sources. And, nowadays, this matter has come onto the stage a lot. Thus, let’s look at the ancient philosophers who have supported the saying that happiness is an objective quality.

Socrates is one such philosopher who tried to establish this point of view in ancient studies. His, beloved follower, Plato also has had a similar idea. It clearly explained by his ancient notion that describes “happiness is related to secure enjoyment of what is good and beautiful”.

And, Plato also gave the notion of happiness with the concept of “best life”. So, it describes the happiness can be the method of pursuing pleasure by practising how to live according to the values. So, later on, many more philosophers have worked along with this statement when exploring how to be happy. As the notions of many popular ancient figures of the field, the concept “best life” was described as seeking pleasure through satisfying physical, intellectual and social health or requirements.

However, Aristotle did not support the notions of Plato and Socrates, and he had a strong belief the happiness is a subjective matter.

The changes of notions happened up to now!

Likewise, the definitions and notions of happiness have changed a lot through the journey of world development. So, the modern notions of happiness can also be changed rapidly over the years.

However, the current definition of happiness is related to subjective nature. It is moreover similar to the notion that stated by Democritus. So, it says the person has the potential to pursue happiness. And, it further describes being happy as a human right. So, if someone can prove that an external circumstance is disturbing them to pursue happiness, it may subject even to take legal action.

The last bit…

Over the years, people have had a different point of view about happiness and psychological health. Among them, popular philosophers have argued happiness as subjective and objective quality in different eras. So, the philosophy of happiness in life has had many notions over the centuries. However, the modernist era is describing it as totally a subjective quality that can even claim legal security whenever needed. So, it describes, happiness is not only a subjective quality that can pursue in your life. But, it is a basic human right. Yet, we never can argue, this will be the everlasting notion for happiness!


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