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Teaching men to be emotionally honest – simply explained

Teaching men to be emotionally honest – simply explained

We will explain how teaching men to be emotionally honest. Being emotionally honest is a very important factor in building various relationships in society. Many relationships depend on the expressions of emotions and feelings. If one develops a sense of truthfulness, it is very trusting to others. If our emotions are truthful, we can leave successfully without problems. Many of these men are very important in being open and honest in expression their feelings. But many men today find it extremely difficult to do this. Because of that reason, the men learn to be emotionally honest. When men are not emotionally honest, they are more likely to be confused or angry with their trouble or sad. When it reaches its final level, it can even lead to suicide. This is because of the stress in men and the consequences can be devastating.

According to this, it is so dangerous because men do not know how to control their emotions and are not patient. Men behave in this way in the social opinion that if they are open to emotions, they will become weak. The first thing to do is to teach men to think outside the society accepted ideas. Instead of hiding the feelings of men, they should be thought out to handle those feelings correctly. Improper emotional control can block the path we need to take. As these men should learn to express their feelings to their nearest source and to get rid of them. Expressing such feelings enables them to behave in a peaceful manner as needed instead of being angry or confused by everything. Society where there are people who have learned to pack peacefully in this way is truly a peaceful society free from violence.

Teaching men to be emotionally honest; More thoughts

University Professor Andrew Reiner has written a book “teaching men to be emotionally honest”. Describes how men can control their emotions, feelings and succeed at an early age. He has developed various arguments for this, following the studies using girls and boys in universities and schools. He says girls have high behavioural skills to learn. As a result, extracurricular and academic achievements at school are left to the boys by the girls themselves. Reiner says male students also should be given a place to suggest designs and create with their emotions. He suggested that resource centres should be set up in universities for this purpose as well. He has tried to show the value of his sincere feelings for the success of everyone. In this sense, it is often the personal and generally balanced emotions that must be developed in people.

According to the prevailing opinion in the society, emotionally weak men tend to be excluded from the society. Because of this, society says that men should be more tough. But this creates confusion in men, doesn’t it? We must eliminate this process from society to eliminate violent people. The other topic we can talk about when it comes to emotional honesty, is the sincerity of words. Many men have words that are hard and rough. Think about this don’t they say those words when they have sensery feelings in their hearts? This makes it clear to you that if society treats men as tough, their feelings are not honest. I think from an early age a boy learns to understand the sincerity of his feelings. Let’s examine further the benefits that come to men who are honest with their feelings.

What are the benefits of teaching men to be emotionally honest?

As mentioned in the paragraphs above, there are many rewards to being emotionally honest. The most important benefit is that it reduces men’s stress. Men inadvertently increase stress and anxiety due to hiding their emotions within themselves. From this their mental and physical healthy also decrease. This can also be called social pressure. Men who are freed from these pressures gain freedom quickly. Another benefit of this is that it increases men’s self-awareness. It is very important to understand who is really hiding within oneself. Men who identify themselves in this way seek to reap benefits in every aspect of their lives. After that, men also gain the ability to learn more in each area. Not only men, but everyone benefits by understanding their true self. Our feelings should be sincere because of these advantages.

When we are talking about teaching men to be emotionally honest, the other important factor here is the increase in men healthy. If you hide your feelings from others, you will have no idea what you want. Then you feel great discomfort. When you suppress such feelings and feel comfortable the mental health also decreases. Another important result of talking about this is that people have the motivation to accept something. When they feed that they are not a tough person, men are tempted to accept their own ideas and express themselves. Peaceful situations make it easier for a person to accept once status, sexuality, and career. The other benefit is that men can change their self-image. This means that men’s self-confidence is also improved. Thus, we can say that if men accept their feelings honestly, they will benefit greatly.

Teaching men to be emotionally honest; Bottom line

According to the title of teaching men to be emotionally honest, we discussed about various things. Considering the above, we must teach men to think outside the norms of society. Their emotional honesty is very faithful for a man to move forward perfectly in every way. Being a man, it is more beneficial for the society to avoid the problems without expressing their feelings and hiding them in the mind and giving way to the problems. As mentioned throughout this article, we should think that it is better for a man to be honest with feelings. Finally, we can say that not only men, but all the humans have the feelings of emotionally honest for peace around the world.

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