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An Intro to The Mythological Creatures of Japanese Irezumi

We An Intro to The Mythological Creatures of Japanese Irezumi. One of the most popular tattoo idea in the world. It’s so easy to find someone with a tattoo of a Japanese mythological creature tattoo I’m also a huge Japanese tattoo fan as well. I also got a Japanese tattoo but it’s not a mythological creature one. It is a basic japanese word tattoo that says ” one who stands that wins eternity”. Kind of deep meaning if you think about it. 

But we are not here to talk about the Japanese word tattoos we are here to talk about the mythological creature tattoos. I also wanted one of those so I did research about what is the best mythological tattoos that i can get. So in this article i’m going to share my research with you guys i’m going to give a few good ideas with the meaning of the tattoo. 

There are many mythological creature tattoos that you can get from a tattoo shop. But Japanese tattoos have good back stories, meaning they have very good meanings and they are stylish. Also another thing is Japanese mythological tattoos have a big history. These tattoos start to appear in 1650 more likely. There some sources says that these tattoos start to appear way earlier than 1650 old kings use to have tattoos of old dragon gods they say or warriors use to have those tattoos. So if we are going to look into this tattoo culture as i said these tattoos have a long history. Also we can say the meanings of these tattoos are way deeper. So lets start with best mythological creature tattoo concepts down below are the top tier tattoos that you can get.

An Intro to The Mythological Creatures of Japanese Irezumi – Koi tattoo culture 

Irezumi - Koi tattoo culture

The first one in the list is going to be the koi tattoo. You guys might think koi is a fish. It just a normal tattoo in Japanese culture. I’m going to say no its not. Nowadays koi like tattoos are not rare you can see these type of tattoo anywhere in japan. I’m not doubting that Japanese people don’t know about the idea of this tattoo they know it better than us. But this tattoo is used to be rare. I remember that i read about this tattoo when i was a kid on a documentary. Very few people used to wear this tattoo. And one recent moment that i had a chance to talk about this tattoo. I met a middle-aged Japanese man and showed me a tattoo of koi swimming upstream of a river. 

Meaning of the koi tattoo

The meaning of the Koi  tattoo is actually masculinity and bravery. It also reminds the commitment from this tattoo as well. Koi fish a known to be strong very strong. Also another thing is koi fish are the only fish that can swim upstream and also can swim up side on waterfalls. In the old japan this tattoo is used show peoples bravery the brave ones had this tattoo. The people had very strong commitment had this tattoo as well. 

Oldest koi tattoos are only the koi fish or symbol of koi. Nowadays the tattoo shows a koi fish swimming upstream in water. It give the tattoo the meaning of the bravery. So the koi tattoo is an Intro to The Mythological Creatures of Japanese Irezumi. 

Fu dog tattoo culture 

Fu dog tattoo culture

The second one is fu dog tattoo culture.  Also you can say lion dog or just lion. This tattoo not actually just a lion. This tattoo is a half lion and half dog creature tattoo. The creature has body of a lion and head of dog. This is the one of the oldest mythological tattoos in japan. Old people used lion symbol as a protector. A protector to ward off the evil spirits of deep they say. And also to attract healthy spirits and the wealthy spirits. This tattoo is also half spiritual and half symbols the warrior spirit on people. 

This fu dog symbol is used as a ward before it became a tattoo. The ward is used ti placed outside of the houses or on the roof. Also it was placed in the entrance of old Japanese town. So lets talk more about the meaning of this tattoo. 

Meaning of fu dog tattoos

As I said before, this is a kind of spiritual tattoo. That bounce between good and evil. There is another meaning to this tattoo as well. If you look closely to this tattoo has little details as well. The pointy ears of the lion shows strength and courage. The most strong and courageous ones used to had this tattoo as well. Also the pointy ears shows protection as well.

Most of fu lion tattoo lions are in a defensive positions that means they are ready to fight against evil. There are two types of fu lions as well one female one male. In these two lions you can see in the female lions paw is on a lion cub. That lion cub represent earth in the tattoo and the protector of the earth as well. Also the male lions paw is on a sphere that represents heaven. The lion is named as a protector on Japanese Buddhism culture. They treat fu lions as there protectors.

An Intro to The Mythological Creatures of Japanese Irezumi – Final aspect 

I have explained one of the best two mythological creature tattoos in Japanese culture. That’s not actually all of it there more. But main two is fu lion and the koi. There more tattoos like “The snake”. Meaning of snake is the snakes protects the wearers from misfortune and skin disease also from disasters. Another tattoo is Hannya or Hannya mask tattoo. This tattoo represents different moods of people. Or mostly the jealous and vengeful womens. This one is actually mostly used by women’s. 

There are so many mythological tattoos on Japanese culture. I explained the best ones for you after doing so many researches and from my personal experience from tattoo culture. We talked about an Intro to The Mythological Creatures of Japanese Irezumi. And at the end of the article i got to say that the Japanese culture is the one of the best tattoo cultures in the world. We will meat again with a new article see you guys again.

Top illustrative tattoo artist in nyc


Top illustrative tattoo artist in nyc

What we are going to talk about now is one of my favorite topics. Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc. This going to be our main topic for today we are going to talk about my favorite and fan’s favorite top artists in nyc. As a tattoo artist and a tattoo fan I’m going to love this article.  Waiting for a date with the legendary Scott Campbell can be epic. If she has to side with Campbell, whose clients include Marc Jacobs and Helena Christensen, she’ll have to wait. If waiting isn’t his style, don’t overlook Saved’s plethora of incredible artists, including Chris O’Donnell, whose masculine edgy designs are astonishing, and Michelle Tarantelli’s playful, whimsical style.

Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc – Marty No Times

Marty No Times, beloved community icon and patron of Three Kings, refuses to submit to a dating-only system. The bustling hall welcomes walk-ins and typically hosts 14 artists in residence and a bevy of recurring guest artists 7 days a week. It’s the tattoo parlor of choice for Brooklyn indie rock bands like Hold Steady, Lucero, None More Black and Kill Your Idols, but Kings isn’t just for rockers. New Jersey Nets forward Boštjan Nachbar walks across the bridge.

This is no ordinary take-out tattoo parlor. Sacred’s venues cover the world of tattoo art and culture, including an art gallery featuring paintings and sculptures evoking current trends and subcultural art. Sacred’s 19 resident tattoo artists come in all styles, but take note: If you’re thinking of dating the gorgeous Jon Mesa, you should probably call today. Once he joined the cast of Oxygen Network’s “Best Ink,” it was hard to find that date.

Keith McCurdy

If you haven’t heard of Keith McCurdy aka Bang Bang, you’ve probably seen his research on some famous people. He is the artist behind Rihanna’s finger, “Love Your Brain” on Miley Cyrus’ arm, and many other famous tattoos.

Perhaps the most striking feature of McCurdy’s work is the realism of it. Flowers, animals and other characters emerge from the skin of his clients, so it is not surprising to learn that he turned to photography for inspiration. Sometimes people take photos of him to the studio, although the final product is often different.

“If a tattoo seems impossible, you might want to do it,” he said, recalling his recently tattooed arm in a New York apartment building. His other favorite tattoos include Rihanna’s gun and Cara Delevingne’s lion. He also has tattoos, Kylie Jenner tattoos. “She was very kind. She surprised me,” he said. Her lap now has Kylie’s signature “K” and a crown representing her nickname King Kylie.

Jon boy’s best tattoo artists

Jon Boy’s creations have also been featured on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Zayn Malik, known for their sophisticated miniature designs. “I originally started doing small tattoos because I found out that some people would get turned down by other artists for such delicate designs,” he says. “I have a keen interest in the world of fashion and love to wear these timeless tattoos as an understated accessory.”

Another important element of his work is religious themes. In fact, it was he who started the current Justin Bieber crossover. They went to the same church, Hillsong New York, and prayed before Jon Boy tattooed Bieber. “It was amazing to connect with him because of our shared beliefs,” he recalls.

Jon Boy is also a tattoo of Kylie Jenner and her friends Justine Skye and Jordyn Woods. Like Bang Bang, he has the King Kylie logo. “Kylie is hilarious,” he said. “We had a great time that night.”

Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc – Su Jiewen

Sue Jeiven, aka “Sweet Sue,” is so committed to making each tattoo so unique that once the design is complete, she throws away all the sketches. She never tattoos the same thing twice, and everything from the pedals to a single flower is custom made to fit the personalities of her clients.

From mermaids to ships in a bottle, Sue’s work explores nautical and fantasy themes. One of her favorite tattoos is a delicate seascape that she gave to a man who, after receiving it, quit her job at a research lab and moved to Spain to learn to command a ship. .

Sue’s people are often in the process of major life transitions, but according to her, they are not fully aware of them. “They can’t put it into words, so it’s almost an obsession for them,” he said. “They have to get tattoos because it’s their own body image that they can’t explain, and it’s great to be able to do that.”

Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc – Tamara Santibanez

Rather than wearing fairly traditional designs like hearts and flowers, Tamara Santibáñez’s clients are more likely to have insects and reptiles crawling on their skin, or chains and ropes tangled around their skin. Santibáñez finds most of his inspiration in the BDSM community. “She wanted to do tattoos that people involved in the subculture, myself included, could wear and feel accurate and stylish,” she says.

Born and raised in Georgia, Santibáñez is tattooed with various Chicano art designs that reflect her Mexican roots. She also collects Lowrider and Teen Angels magazines and fetish catalogs for inspiration.

So this is all I got to say about Top illustrative tattoo artist is nyc. And I hope that this article is helpful for you guys and I will see you guys soon as possible. 

How to apply makeup to look more masculine: Makeup guide


We are going to talk about one of the things that every one of us loves. How to apply makeup to look more masculine. We all love to look more masculine in our lives. Apply a layer of beauty balm. This will smooth your skin and hide some blemishes and discolorations. You should use lip balm over your foundation. The foundation will clearly show that you are wearing makeup. Lip balm softens your features and preps them for makeup without showing you’re wearing it. Use your index finger to spread the beauty cream on your face. Focus on areas of uneven skin. Apply the lip balm to the skin with a sponge brush or your fingers. Use circular motions and keep blending until the bottom looks natural. You should not see any visible lines or marks on your face.

How to apply makeup to look more masculine – Cover blemishes with concealer

Focus on acne-prone areas such as the chin and forehead, and under the eyes. You can apply the concealer with your fingers. You can also use the stick that comes with the package. As with foundation, apply concealer to skin in circular motions. You can use your fingers, a brush or a makeup sponge. Keep blending until the concealer looks natural. It should blend with the foundation and skin tone. There should be no wrinkles on the face. This is the first step for How to apply makeup to look more masculine.

Use loose powder to reduce shine

After applying foundation and concealer, your makeup won’t look much different from a woman’s makeup. You should take steps to reduce the shine left by your foundation and cover it. The powder should be applied to the face to cover the foundation. Choose a foundation that matches your natural skin tone. Use a large brush to apply foundation all over your face. Aim for the lightest areas of the face. For example, your cheeks and cheekbones may glow after applying foundation and concealer.

How to apply makeup to look more masculine

How to apply makeup to look more masculine – Draw an outline around your face.

Men tend to have more angular features. You can create this effect by using highlighter or dark foundation to create shadows around the cheekbones, chin and forehead. Apply makeup with a small contour brush. Start with your cheekbones. Tuck your cheeks in and draw a dark line along your cheekbones. Draw another line by drawing the jawline and the jaw line. This will create a sharper and more masculine facial structure. Draw a slight L-shape on both temples. Then, on your forehead, draw a triangle on each side of the forehead. Draw triangles on the arch of each eyebrow. Blend the contour color all over the face with a light powder. Your makeup doesn’t have to be obvious. Blend with a large brush in circular motions. Aim for sharper lines rather than rougher silhouettes.

Shade around the nose to make it look bigger

Men tend to have larger, more defined noses. With a darker primer or highlighter, you can layer shadow around the nose to make it stand out even more. Use a large brush to apply. Covers the sides of the nose. It also darkens the area. Men tend not to wear foundation, so areas of the face often appear darker. Be sure to cover the bottom of the tip of the nose and the sides of each nostril. Shade in the area where the nose meets the brow bone. This creates a shadow under the eyebrows. This is important because men tend to have more prominent eyebrows.

Makeup can make eyes appear smaller.

Men’s eyes tend to appear smaller. So you want your eyes to look smaller with makeup. To do this, use a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone under the eyes. Use your fingers to apply concealer under the eyes. Apply along the arch of the lower eyelid. Keep using concealer until it blends naturally into your skin. Your eyes should look a little smaller when you’re done.

Treat your eyebrows

An essential aspect of masculine makeup application is having effective eyebrows. Men typically have thicker and more visible eyebrows than women. Women’s arched brows can sometimes fade into invisibility while men often sport thicker and wrinkled eyebrows that look more manly.

You can use makeup to fill any gaps in your eyebrows to make them more masculine – use a powder that matches your natural eyebrow color, apply with a small brush from near the nose end, fill gaps to thicken, draw straight lines while drawing thicker brows; use an eyebrow powder that matches natural curve of their brows – and make up matching straighter brows!

How to apply makeup to look more masculine – Use subtle eyeliner

You can use eyeliner to enhance your look. This will draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows for a masculine look. However, use subtle shadows. Darker, more pronounced tones will appear more feminine. Apply the eyeliner along the lashes. Choose between brown or chocolate brown. Opt for a powder eyeliner. It’s less dramatic than other eyeliners, but still defines your eyes.

So this is all i got to say about How to apply makeup to look more masculine. I hope that you guys enjoyed this type of content and i will see you guys soon with a new one.

Why is my life not getting better


So why is my life not getting better. Why life is so challenging. We always ask ourselves why life is unfair or challenging. Everyone of us faces hard life or hard times in our life.  We wonder why life is so complicated. So maybe there is something missing in your life. let me explain some things with my experience. First ask yourself, are you living a life of convenience or a life of purpose. Regardless of how you define a goal, you know whether you’re pursuing it or settling for the status quo. Interestingly, you will be questioned in both cases. The only difference is how you feel at the end of the day.

Why is my life not getting better – Why is life so hard?

When you wonder why life is so hard and you pursue your goals, you know there is something worth the effort. Although settling down may seem safe. you will carry the burden of never reaching your true potential. You will always wonder if there is more to life than what you have been through. While life changing journeys aren’t always easy, they should be enjoyable in the end. You should enjoy learning more about yourself, your goals, and your motivations. If you’re wondering if life could get any better.

Survive the world

Every day you have two options. You can listen to the loud voices of fear and doubt, or you can listen to the quiet voices of confidence and purpose. A calm, confident voice is what encourages you to lead the entity of your dreams. The life of your dreams is the life you will live if you have no responsibilities or obstacles. If you’re wondering why life is so hard, you’re probably working on your goals. You may want to start a business, but need a steady income from your current job.

You may find it difficult to overcome your innate weaknesses or the circumstances in which you grew up. Whatever the reason, there is a struggle you haven’t overcome. While you may feel like you’re making the best decisions with the cards you’ve dealt, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re doing more than just surviving. Just as important as survival is that you don’t want to reach the end of your entity where you never really lived. There are many people who find their last days full of regrets because they always give in to fear. Downgrading also makes we ask our selves  why is my life not getting better.

If you want to make your life easier, stop postponing your dreams. Start taking small steps each day to reach them. Every time you win, remember to celebrate the victory.. This will help keep you motivated and enjoying the process so you don’t want to give up when the going gets tough. Even if you don’t like to fail, you can try something new and fail. In fact, failure is a good sign that you are pursuing your goals and listening to a voice you trust. Keep learning from your mistakes and let them transform you into the perfect person.

Why is my life not getting better – Good mood

If knowledge equals power, then knowing what to do with that knowledge should make life easier. However, you will find that this is not always the case. In fact, you can quite consistently conclude that most people know what to do. Nearly half of the population makes New Year’s resolutions every year. They have a plan of action and they know what needs to be done to achieve the desired results. However, less than 10% actually implement their solutions each year.

Why is life so hard when you have a plan that you know will work?

Many marketers know that if they reach a certain number of people every day, they will have a successful business. Some couples know that their relationship benefits from listening and considering each other’s feelings before acting. Whether you’re talking about professional or personal goals, he knows the steps needed to achieve success. This shutdown occurs when you disregard your emotions. It’s hard to think about someone’s feelings when you feel ignored or underappreciated. When the last five people say no, it can be difficult to make the next call. The emotional aspects of entity get in the way of doing the right thing.

Research shows that when you prepare in advance using the if then principle, you increase the likelihood of overcoming your emotions.  It works in such a way that you react in advance so that later your emotions cannot be better controlled. For example, if you have friends who eat junk food, you might say, If I have lunch with them, I’ll have a salad. I got rejected, so I’ll keep calling until I hear yes. As simple as it sounds, knowing how you will handle failure separates the survivors from the successful. Sometimes life can get hard and we will ask ourselves  why is my life not getting better.

Light candles at both ends

If you still wonder why life is so hard, then you should ask yourself if you are working too hard. I might laugh a little at that statement, but please be funny. Research shows that when you prepare in advance using the if then principle, you increase the likelihood of overcoming your emotions. It works in such a way that you react in advance so that later your emotions cannot be better controlled. For example, if you have friends who eat junk food, you might say, If I have lunch with them, I’ll have a salad. I got rejected, so I’ll keep calling until I hear yes. As simple as it sounds, knowing how you will handle failure separates the survivors from the successful.

Why is my life not getting better – See the positive sides

If you still wonder why life is so hard, then you should ask yourself if you are working too hard. I might laugh a little at that statement, but please be funny. Be happy and smile when you can. Be proud of yourself and never let your life go down. Follow a good positive vibe and positive people. These will make you feel your life is not bad at all.

When i run after what i think i want


So when i run after what i think i want. Why you want to achieve your goals. Why we need to be successful achieving our goals. In this article im going to give you guys few advices that followed when walking to path of success. These are the best advices that i got in my life. Success is intimately linked to our life project. We can distinguish certain milestones in our plans, such as graduating, getting our dream job, starting our own business, or starting a new relationship. Achieving these milestones has been a success for us. Each of these goals brings us positive feelings and emotions because we know that our life project is coming true and that we are making visible progress.

When i run after what i think i want  – We need a result associated with some success.

In many cases, we want to experience the benefits associated with achieving a particular goal. From our point of view, there is a close relationship between these advantages and the state in which we find ourselves when we succeed. This connection makes our success desirable and enjoyable.

We love the taste of victory.

Success is a very positive experience, also because it gives us value and increases our self-esteem. Success is like a personal victory. People like to win. it’s natural When two children play a game, everyone wants to win. It doesn’t matter whether there is a financial reward or not. They don’t need an additional target. We like the taste of victory, it’s in our nature. Thats why i always say when i run after what i think i want.

When i run after what i think i want – We need stimulation.

Knowing that there is a goal, a goal we want to achieve, motivates us to act. The more difficult the goal, the greater the sense of achievement associated with it. This way we can be better motivated to achieve big goals and have extra stimulation for self-improvement, personal growth, and learning to solve complex problems.

We must overcome the shortcomings and failures of the past.

Failures are certainly bad, but they are inevitable in our lives and should always provide valuable feedback. They also create a powerful force that will move us forward towards our goals. We lost, but in the end we wanted to win. This victory, as well as many defeats, can compensate for all previous unpleasant experiences. This pattern is often the reason we want to be successful.

Stick to one goal

Although you may have multiple goals, good for you! – It is best to focus on one or two in an interview context. Otherwise, you risk overloading the interviewer with unnecessary information. A very strong, well-thought-out goal is better than a few goals that you don’t have time to explain in more detail. Be prepared to talk about the goal, why it makes sense to you, and what success looks like. When talking about the “why” behind your goals, be sure to include what you can achieve or the impact you hope to have when you achieve your goals. Only run after what you want as i said before when i run after what i think i want.

Focus on alignment

After all, this is a job interview, so you need to choose a target that is relevant to the specific position you are applying for. Ideally, this post is part of the steps that will help you achieve your goals. Be sure to research the company and position thoroughly before the interview so you can explain how it fits into your overall plan. For example, I once had a candidate, an undergraduate student, who told me that their career goal was to work in the office of the Chief of Protocol of the US State Department. They describes how theirselves learned a foreign language, and their current goal is to learn another language. This special position will allow you to interact with our company’s overseas offices, learning about language, cultural norms and business etiquette.

Be careful, however, not to do all this for you. Interviewers want to know what their candidates can give for thecompany. When researching organizations in advance, pay attention to what they post on social media, the language they use in job postings, and how they talk about company culture, which will help you understand the type of people they will be with. work there. successful. And listen to the interviewer talk about your pain points or needs for that particular role. This way, you’ll be prepared to talk about how achieving your stated career goals can also help achieve the hiring manager’s goals and contribute to the team and the company. The Department of State hopes this role will not only help their hone the skills they will need in the future.

When i run after what i think i want – Set future milestones

Being able to achieve a big goal takes long-term persistence, and the interviewer will want to see that you can break the goal down into smaller, more manageable steps. So talk about concrete plans and any markers you find on the way to your big goals. This can include taking a course, getting a certificate, or explaining how you plan to hone a particular skill you want to improve. For example, if you’re interviewing for a marketing role and your goal is to showcase your data analytics skills, you can mention that you recently earned the marketing degree and are now taking the masters of the degree. So these are the things that i got to theltoyou guys. I hope that this article will help you.

Always end your day with a positive thought – Positive thoughts

So you need to always end your day with a positive thought. Im going to teach you how to have positive thoughts. Basically i start the day with a positive thought. I had hard time when i looking to be positive so i wille teach you guys how i succeeded. Discover the benefits of positive thinking. Choosing to think more positively can not only help you take control of your life and make everyday activities more enjoyable, but can also benefit your physical and mental health and your ability to deal with change. Knowing these benefits can help you be more motivated to think positively on a regular basis. Here are some benefits of positive thinking prolong your life. Low frequency of depression and anxiety. Increased resistance to cold better physical and mental health Improve stress management skills. A more natural ability to build relationships and strengthen bonds.

Always end your day with a positive thought – Keep a journal to reflect your thoughts. 

Keeping a journal of your thoughts allows you to step back and assess your thought patterns. Write down your thoughts and feelings and try to identify triggers that lead to positive or negative thoughts. Taking 20 minutes at the end of each day to track your thought patterns can be a valuable way to identify your negative thoughts and develop a plan to turn them into positive ones. Your journal can take any form. If you don’t feel like writing long paragraphs to think about, you can list the five most common negative and positive thoughts of this day.

Be sure to give yourself time and opportunity to evaluate and reflect on the information in the journal. If you write every day, you can meditate at the end of each week.

Deal with negative thoughts

Identify your automatic negative thoughts. To get rid of the negative thoughts that keep you from having a positive mindset, you need to become more aware of your automatic negative thoughts. Once you recognize them, you can challenge them and order them to drive them out of your mind.  An example of automatic negative thinking is when you hear that you are going to take a test and you think, I might fail. This thought comes automatically because it is your first reaction to the test.

Always end your day with a positive thought – Challenge your negative thoughts. 

Even if you’ve been thinking negatively for most of your life, you don’t have to stay negative. Whenever you have a negative thought, especially an automatic thought, stop and assess whether the thought is real or accurate. One way to challenge negative thinking is to stay objective. Write down negative thoughts and think about how you would react if someone said that thought to you. Even if you find it difficult to do it yourself, you can stand up to the negativity of others. For example, you may have negative thoughts like, I always fail tests. If you regularly fail tests, you are less likely to stay in school. Check your files or grades to find the tests you got a passing grade on they challenge negative thinking. You may even find that he passed the A and B tests, which once again confirms that your negativity is exaggerated.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. When you are confident that you can identify and combat negative thoughts, you can make positive decisions and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. This does not mean that everything in your life will always be positive. A variety of emotions is normal. However, you can work on replacing unnecessary everyday thought patterns with ideas that will help you thrive. If you think, I could pass the test. You identified an idea as negative and rated its accuracy. Now try to replace it with a positive thought. Positive thoughts don’t need to be blindly optimistic, such as I’ll definitely get 100 on a test even if I’m not studying. It can be as simple as I’m going to take the time to study and prepare, so I’ll do my best for the test. Use the power of questions. When you ask your brain a question, it usually finds the answer for you. If you ask yourself, Why is life so bad. your brain will try to answer your question. The same is true if you ask yourself, How did I get so lucky. Ask yourself questions that will help you focus on positive thoughts.

Minimize outside influences that stimulate your negativity. 

Certain types of music, violent video games or movies can affect your general attitude. Minimize exposure to stressful or aggressive stimuli and spend more time listening to relaxing music or reading. Music is great for your brain, and positive thinking books can give you great tips on how to make you happier.

Always end your day with a positive thought – Avoid black and white thinking. 

In this type of thinking, also known as biasing, all you find is yes or no, there are no shades of gray. It can make people feel like they have to do something perfectly or not do it at all. To avoid this thought, embrace shades of gray in your life. Instead of looking at two results one positive and one negative, list everything in between and make sure things aren’t as bad as they seem.

For example, if you are about to take a test and you don’t like the subject, you can skip the test or study completely, so if you don’t, it’s because you don’t even have not tried. However, this does not take into account that you can get better results if you spend more time preparing for the exam. You should also not think that the only test result is pass or fail. There are many gray areas between pass or fail.

Self care is how you take your power back

So self care is how you take your power back. How you can take care of yourself. I didn’t know how to take care of myself until I was like 22 years old. It’s hard but when you realize the way you will be so happy for the rest of your life. Letme tell you guys how I managed my life. Take time each day to explore yourself. If you like journaling or making lists. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to reflect on what went well. How you felt, and what bothered you. If you don’t feel like writing anything, take a few minutes to sit quietly and reflect on your day.

Ask yourself the following questions Incorporate more joy into your life to increase your well-being. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you have. Strive every day to discover the good You can even try making a happiness list where you write down the things that happen during the day that make you happy. Spend time doing things that make you happy, like listening to music, dancing, cooking, reading, or taking yoga classes. Make these things a priority so that your week is filled with joyful activities. Likewise, daily laughter can improve your emotional health. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh or try watching a funny movie or comedian to get the laughter therapy you need.

Set limits on your time and space so you can take care of yourself. You can set a boundary between you and someone else, or set one to protect your time so you can take care of yourself. Here are some common ways to set healthy boundaries in your life 

Manage stress at work by checking your emails twice a day instead of constantly receiving a flood of notifications. Turn off your phone when you’re with loved ones so you’re not distracted by what’s going on right now. Walk away from people who need emotional help and are taking advantage of you. Tell your friends to text or call before they arrive, not just show up.

Self care is how you take your power back – Learn to say no so you don’t waste your time. 

When someone asks you to do something, take the time to check your intuition and your timeline to see if it makes sense to agree. Otherwise, say, Thanks for the question, but I’ll have to deal with it or I hope I can, but the next few weeks are going to be very busy for me. 

When trying to decide if you want to take on something, it’s worth asking yourself the question, If I say yes to this opportunity.

Reduce stress in your life so you can enjoy more things. 

If you are constantly stressed, it can harm your physical, mental and emotional health. To reduce stress, try physical activity, such as exercising or getting a massage. You can also try meditation to free yourself from stressful situations or time management. If you’re often stressed about being late, set an alarm for 10 minutes before you leave the house. You may not be able to stay away from stress all the time, so focus on what you can control. For example, you can’t quit a stressful job, but you can set boundaries so the job doesn’t take up your time.

Connect with friends regularly and build a strong support network. Relationships are very important to your mental and emotional health, so don’t neglect your friends, even if you have a very busy life. Chat with others, invite them to talk or meet you on the phone and take turns sharing, listening and having fun. If you’re having trouble communicating with your friends because of your schedule, email or call them to let them know you’re thinking of them and want to get in touch with them. Maybe you can plan an early morning breakfast before work or even run errands or do your homework together.

Self care is how you take your power back – Challenge yourself 

Learn something new and keep your brain happy. A busy and stimulating mind will be much healthier than a bored person. Find a new hobby, learn a new language, travel somewhere you’ve never been, enroll in a course at a local college, join a gym, or do something you’ve always been interested in. The Internet is a great resource for learning new things. You can find blogs, videos, websites, and books that will teach you just about anything you want to learn.

If you start learning something new and it’s not for you. That’s okay! Don’t force yourself to continue. Let yourself go and choose something new to follow.

Talk to each other in a friendly way to encourage a positive attitude.

Pay attention to what that little voice in your head is telling you it may not be good! Doubt, insecurity, and even self-hatred are common things that everyone experiences from time to time. Find out what you say about yourself and replace those statements with positive statements. If you often think, I’m stupid, I can’t do that, try rephrasing that thought as, It’s hard, I can do hard things.

If you think badly about your body or your personality, try to focus on what you like or want to like about yourself. Instead of saying, I’m fat and ugly, say, My body is capable of amazing things. I appreciate it. Basically i didn’t know what todo how to get a positive attitude. So i learned myself how to be positive. That’s why self care is how you take your power back. Gradually increasing your baby steps can make a big difference in your life.

Self care is how you take your power back – Disconnect from your electronic devices

Constant communication with others can be both a blessing and a curse, and sometimes it’s good to disconnect, ground, and connect to the world around you. Try scheduling an off day or time to turn off your phone, TV, and laptop. Your mind will begin to relax and you may even find that what was overwhelming is easier to deal with than you thought. You can even try a mini shutdown that turns your phone off an hour before you go to bed every night and doesn’t turn it back on until an hour after you wake up in the morning.

Sometimes all it takes is one prayer to change everything

So sometimes all it takes is one prayer to change everything. We are going to talk about how you can change your life. It is not hard to change your life i change mine life. I was going through bad situations. My attitude was so bad. And i realized that im going on the wrong path. So i changed my life. Let me give some advice to you guys. Change your daily life. Remember that your reality is the result of what you do every day, from what you eat for breakfast to where you go to work or school. If you want to change the circumstances of your life, you have to change what you do every day. You don’t want to do everything in one single tur doit one by one i did that way. Trying to change just one new change at a time to shake up your routine can lead to progress. It can take a while for a new habit to become second nature. 

Even the smallest changes to your routine can help you feel less bored in your life. For example, take a different route to work, eat something fresh for breakfast, exercise before school rather than after, or go to a different cafe. These small changes may seem trivial, but in the long run they make your life more interesting because they add variety. Regularly ask yourself this question Am I doing helping me achieve what I want. This applies to what you eat, whether or not you exercise, and what you do most of the day. If the answer is no, make the necessary changes.

Sometimes all it takes is one prayer to change everything – Explanation  life

Learn the trajectory of your life. Whether you are at school, at work, looking for a job, volunteering or traveling, take a look at your life and decide if it matches your values. What are your hobbies, interests and goals. Although it may take years to answer these questions, you can start by asking yourself what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. This question concerns not only your career, but also your relationships. How would you like to be described and remembered by others. You need to understand one thing and that is is you lifestyle matches you. It took a while to understand that to me. At some point, your life and your values ​​may come into conflict. You may need to consider changing your career path, changing majors, changing where you live, changing the way you manage your time and money.

Improve your relationship

No matter how much money you make or how big your accomplishments are, you won’t be able to enjoy your success if you don’t have loved ones to share it with.Work on the relationships you already have. Be sure to spend time with loved ones and treat them with compassion and understanding. If you ignored or argued with your loved one, take the time to reconcile the relationship. You must be willing to compromise and even admit that you are wrong.

Build new and meaningful relationships with others. If you feel lonely, you need to stop waiting for others to come to you. Take charge and be proactive. Put yourself in social situations, talk and always remember to smile. This is the best way to attract other people.

Get out of your comfort zone. Some people are more likely than others to fall into routine and comfort. Whatever your inhibitions or fears of change, people need variety to be happy. You should do small exercises every day as well as larger exercises. Try doing something you’ve never done every day. Go to a show you’ve never been to, talk to someone new, eat something new. Take up a new hobby or travel to a new place. If you play an instrument or play sports, go beyond what you usually do. Go the extra mile, take a different route on your walk, and explore new art styles. If you find new friends who like your hobbies, you can get carried away. Meetup.com is a great way to meet people in your area.

Sometimes all it takes is one prayer to change everything – Change your attitude

Living in the Moment. The best way to feel happier in life is to stop living in the past and worry about the future. If you are haunted by negative memories, try the following exercises

First, acknowledge the memory and how it made you feel. If it’s a recent event and you feel the need to cry or scream, do so. Consider writing about it in your journal or telling your loved one. Once you’ve mourned the memory well, accept that it’s all over and nothing can bring it back. The next time that thought comes back to you, acknowledge it, be grateful it’s over, and let it go.

Although it is impossible to completely forget the past, many people tend to focus on negative or traumatic memories rather than positive ones. Take time to think about all the good things that have happened to you in the past. Make a list if that helps.

Try grounding methods to come back to the present moment. Spotting something of a certain color or breathing deeply in the room will calm you down and focus your attention on the present.

Sometimes all it takes is one prayer to change everything – Be optimistic. 

No matter what you own, where you are, or who you are with, your perception of your environment is more important than the environment itself. From this perspective, consider the fact that at some point there are other people in the world who have less money, fewer resources, and fewer loved ones than you, but they are happier . Likewise, there are people who are richer, stronger, and more resourceful than you, but they don’t feel as successful as you. Develop the habit of noticing the positive side of any situation you find yourself in. If you complain about what is happening around you, respond to each of your complaints with one or two positive remarks. Stop criticizing yourself and others. Likewise, they all have positive and negative qualities. It is a general fact. For example, if you constantly focus on your spouse’s negative qualities, you will notice them and constantly feel frustrated and upset. On the contrary, if you constantly remind yourself of the positive qualities of your spouse, you will notice them and feel grateful and lucky.

And i want you to know how it really feels


So and i want you to know how it really feels this means i wanna know how you feel sadness. Sadness and depression is the same i also had depression in my life. In this article im going to give some advices that i followed when i was sad and depressed. Grieving is a human emotion that everyone experiences at some point in their life. Sadness is a natural response to a situation that causes discomfort or emotional distress. There are different degrees of sadness. But like other emotions, sadness is temporary and will fade over time. Sadness is therefore different from depression. Depression is a long-lasting mental illness. Causes damage to social, occupational and other important functional areas. So the horrible art is that if you don’t get medicated to depression. Depression will never go away from your life. When i had depression i immediately got treatment thats the main way i got rid of it.. Read on to learn more about the difference between depression and sadness.

And i want you to know how it really feels – Symptoms

When you are sad, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But you should also have times when you can laugh or cheer yourself up. Depression is different from sadness. I felt really bad when i had depression mentally and physically. Life was a nightmare back then. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find joy in almost everything, including the activities and people you used to love. Actually depression is a mentalillnes a bad type of one but sadness is a emotion that we can control. 

Symptoms of depression

  • constant sadness
  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • changes in sleep or eating habits
  • hard to concentrate
  • Loss of interest and enthusiasm for things you used to enjoy. Deep and unfounded guilt. Physical symptoms such as headaches or body aches without a specific cause. Useless. Constant thoughts about death. suicidal thoughts or actions

You may experience some of these symptoms if you’re feeling sad, but they shouldn’t last longer than two weeks.

Standards Guide

Mental health professionals use the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 criteria to determine if a person is sad or depressed. If you meet the criteria, you could be diagnosed with depression or persistent depression. The DSM-5 criteria included nine major depressive symptoms. The severity of each symptom is also assessed as part of the diagnostic process.

Feeling depressed almost every day or every day. Lack of interest and enjoyment in activities you once found enjoyable. Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much Difficulty eating or overeating, and weight gain or loss irritability, restlessness, or restlessness. Extreme tiredness. Unreasonable or exaggerated feelings of guilt or worthlessness. Inability to concentrate or make decisions.

And i want you to know how it really feels – Don’t get upset because you’re sad.

When something negative happens in your life, it seems like your world is coming to an end. But instead of suppressing or repressing your emotions, either by distracting yourself or maintaining good posture, you really need to embrace them. All emotions are important experiences for us and provide valuable information for our live. In fact, a 2017 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found concluded People who accept rather than evaluate their own psychological experiences may have better mental health, in part because acceptance helps reduce negative emotions. on stressors. Instead of blaming yourself for not feeling well, try to see it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and find true healing.

You don’t know why you’re sad

Sometimes it’s easy to see why you’re feeling overwhelmed, like if you can’t get over your ex, if your important presentation fails, or if you had a fight with your partner. However, at other times, you may feel sad for no reason. In that case, grab a pen and paper and write nonstop for five minutes or more, advises life coach Sunny Joy MacMillan. Not only can you naturally understand what’s causing your pain, but the act of writing itself can help you feel better, as numerous studies have proven. Alternatively, you can journal, attend yoga classes, or meditate, all great ways to focus on your inner self.

Accept your emotions.

As we mentioned before, when you avoid duels altogether, you’re actually doing more harm than good. You can’t cure a feeling that you don’t have. As frustrating as it can be, acknowledging and accepting your pain is actually the first step to feeling better. Instead of running away, eating, drinking or shouting at someone, it’s better to abstain, Tibetan Buddhist nun and writer Pema Chodron told Oprah on an episode of Super Soul Sunday. As bad as it is, just give it more space. When you breathe, you open up.

And i want you to know how it really feels – To get rid of sadness

Alternatively, you can also try Breaking Down, which is what Levin does when he’s sad. I turn on music, movies, or shows that I know will help me grieve and break free, she said. Need advice. In our experience, Sam Smith’s Stay With Me or Coldplay’s Fix You are great choices for catharsis.