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Humour and wisdom speech

Humour and wisdom speech

What is humour?

When discussing humour and wisdom speech, humour means that the quality of something makes you laugh it may be someone’s words or action as well as it makes with look for film. Human will be a comedy, funniness, fun or amusement. He almost all may be good or bad. If you feel happy and fun you have a good humour. If you are feeling unhappy or bad tempered then you have a bad humour. When you are doing something with good humour you can leave happily, cheerful and pleasantly with others. As well as if you spend with good humour your loved once also happy. But you spent it bad he were others also will become upset. The cause of that always you should try to connect with good humour and strength behaviours. Then you will not become upset and worry about life.

What is wisdom?

 It means good sense or ability to discern inner qualities and relationships. It is discernment, perception, sageness or insight. Wisdom depends on how to use your knowledge and how to impart to others. According to this when you learned information, it is knowledge. Then when you have ability to use that knowledge it is the wisdom. First you try to collect knowledge and understand them well. After that you use your understanding knowledge while you work. When you were knowledge improve, your experiences also improve. Accordingly I can say that, combination of knowledge and experiences is the wisdom. The system will can help improve our aspect of emotional, physical, financial or mental. This is the best way to achieve our goals and the results may be good. According to the title of “humour and wisdom speech” we can talk many important things what we have to success our lives.

Combination of humour and wisdom.

  I would like to note that the wisdom and humour have a perfect combination. Thus the human behaviour wants to have humour and wisdom. Sometime humour is something that can insult a person in some way. But the real humour has a deep connexion with wisdom. Sometime may be these characteristics other gift of nature who received by humans. On the other hand to be humorous want must be wise. These have two ways. Those are healthy and retributive. When wise humour is healthy, the wise humour is retributive. Why is humour always tried to create and build positive vibes with balancing humour and wisdom. They may have deep personality. Sometime may be difficult to create good humour vibes. But the power of wisdom tried to show beauty within good humour.

As well as humour must be fun, meaningful and positive. You can make people smile with humour. What should not be a joke? Is it has meaningful thoughts and prostitute thoughts it will be a voice humour. It may not be create a new problem or negative attitudes. The humour which have important knowledge and experience. It may be amazing. It does not hurt others because of that others are happy about your humour wise and others will appreciate it. If you tell a word to others you think twice about that. Humour also must like this then it can make smile positively others. According to these things I can see the humour wise have a power of attraction to other people. You should try to balance your humour and wisdom speech well in your life.

What are the benefits of humour and wisdom?

 According to the health instructions humour help relieving our physical and mental tension. We can increase our heart rate and decrease our blood pressure while laughing. It is a good benefit of good humour. The patients can feel comfortable with funny activities. But these funny things may be wise. It must not hurt their heart. Not only can that according to the researchers’ good humour give you to the best sleepy. When you feel with good humour things you can’t focus on the negative things. Then you can face to the challenges and solve problems successfully. You think you have a problem and you grief from it .as soon as your friend told you a funny story. After hear it your stress will decrease and you will try to solve your problem with positive wise.

In addition the wisdom may be spirit of solution provisions. Wisdom useful solve problems and to release unusual riches. And also it helps you to choose the correct way and correct Things. You should get decisions with thinking about your time, future, health and other things. You should plan your life well then the wisdom will help you. Sometime the wisdom maybe trusts of everything. When we trust our goal we will try to achieve them. You have a power to do it with wisdom. Your happiness or success cannot be gift another people or thing. It finds you yourself. You think positively and improve your humour thoughts positively. Then you were wisdom also will be more powerful. Is this not a successful way to achieve your goals? Humour and wisdom speech is the most important story of our lives.

 Humour and wisdom speech


 When we discuss about humour and wisdom we seems to these two things are essential factors for our lives. Since our born to death we have to learn something and we try to improve knowledge via experience. If you don’t have positive wise you can’t improve your positive knowledge. When you combine the wisdom and humour it may be a real talent and it may be help get great place in world. We can’t live happily and funny without good humour. Because humour makes you healthy also good. Therefore the best medicine is the laugher with good humours. In society we can listen in various wisdom thoughts but I think this may need at positive humour thoughts to win our goals. First we should understand what are these humour and wisdom correctly. Then your humour and wisdom speech will win among your life story.

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