How to motivate someone to get a job easy tips for everyone

How to motivate someone to get a job easy

So we are going to talk about a question that most people suffer with not finding a job. So we are going to talk about how you can help someone like that. Or how to motivate someone to get a will think how motivation involves this topic. Let me explain, most people don’t want to go to jobs because they have less motivation. Or they might be scared to try applying for jobs. Some might be tired from getting rejected from interviews. Reason to this is  lack of motivation. So you might wonder how they can find positive results. Answer is that if you know someone like this you can motivate them. Your motivation might be the key to their success. Your positive mindset can help them to inspire their life. So before the answers we need to look why they have less motivation to find jobs. 

How to motivate someone to get a job reasons why this happen

We need to know first why this is happening to people. Finding reasons might bring answers. I think the first reason is depression. In modern day most people suffer from depression. Most people don’t know they have depression. Depression provides a significant negative impact for less motivated people. You might wonder why depressed people that have depression always have mood disorder. They are always sad or lose interest in doing anything. That’s why depression comes first in this case. The second reason is hopelessness. Most people don’t have hope of finding a job. They always think i will never find a job or i can’t do work. So they won’t try getting a job, they always try to stay away from jobs. Getting no hope in your life is actually bad. That’s why you need to give hope to your life from the beginning. 

Few more reasons why people don’t have motivation to get a job

So if we talk about a few more reasons why this happens. The third reason is lack of control. So this means they feel very little control over anything. Like from an engineer to job seeker. Which might affect them with depression. For the fourth reason we can talk about their lack of results. This means they might apply for hundreds of jobs but they might not get results. This is a major reason that people lose hope of getting jobs. We don’t know when we will get a job or which job we will get. Getting a job is a game with time. It might take too much time or less time. This problematic situation starts when people don’t have patients with time. So the motivation people will drop with big numbers when things like these happen. You might see the pattern of this so let’s keep looking.

I will give a few more reasons why this will keep happening to current society. One of the main reasons is the comfort zone. So this is not about people being comfortable in their homes. This about people not being comfortable speaking to strangers. They need a good mindset to find a job but if they don’t have that. They will get uncomfortable in interviews so they will ignore finding jobs. So I will give one last reason to you guys. And it is the confusion of finding a job. So if you look years back finding a job is easy. But nowadays it’s so confusing because there are so many jobs and so many things to do. Even making a cv is also confusing today. People don’t know what  they want or what they can do. More confused it gets, the more demotivated they going to be.

How to motivate someone in this situation.

So now we talked about the reasons. Let’s see what the answers are. So first you need to talk to the person that needs help. Ask them what their dream jobs are or what they are looking for. Their dream job might be out of reach but encourage them because they need motivation. Then you can understand the person. Then you can give them an idea of what they can do. If they don’t know what they need, talk about their hobbies and education. And find them a new hope. So for the next step you need to give them goals. Now you know what path they want to follow so give them goals to accomplish. Give them short term goals like this imagine yourself after you get the job. Things like these will keep them motivated. So keep making goals for them. They will motivate themselves so fast.

So the next step is discovering the person’s motivations. So you need to know what exactly can motivate the person. What that can keep him grinding. Or what will help him to keep searching for jobs like that. For example, ask him if he wants to buy a car like that. These will keep him motivated to find a job. So for the last step ask them why they are down.why they’re done looking for jobs. By finding that you can find why he gives up so you can solve his questions. Then you can motivate him to keep searching. So these are the simple steps that you can follow. We talked about how to motivate someone to get a job. Ithink you got the idea so see you soon.

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