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How to be a lover not a provider? Simply explain

How to be a lover not a provider? Simply explain

We will show you that “how to be a lover not a provider?” First you should understand the difference between lover and provider. Lover is a person who touches your soul, while embracing your humanity. They always be with you, and they take care of you until last page of the life story. They don’t hope anything back from you. And they have romantic and sexual meanings also. They connect with emotionally also physically. They always listen to you and give the most suitable answers to your problems. We can identify lover is a life partner who don’t take away your hand until end of the soul. We all are expecting like that lover with true and positive lovely feelings. When you meet like this lover you can stay happy and win this life.

Who is a provider? We can identify person who is considerate enough to ask their partner about their needs. When they identified that they committed to provide those things for them.  It may be finance or other anything. Most if the people expect from the providers their job and money. They believe that they should supply even foods, clothes also. While considering the difference between provider and lover we can give examples with strategies of them. Lovers are interesting to screen for sexual, but providers are feigning interested but they get to sex when she’s ready. Lovers can slowly increase nonsexual investment. As well as the provider always like to display personal and long-term queries also willingness to commit.

How to be a lover not a provider? Easy and correct methods

More important relationship is, be a lover than provider. If you are a lover, you will have some powerful experiences and here communication is everything. Here the sexual communication is very important part lover. This will be helping to grow healthy and fulfilling sex life. When you have only provider he or she doesn’t like to communicate with correct sexual life. But lovers can ask their partner about sexual life, and it is a simple and effective way to control the life. And you should appreciate them as a person. Here we mean that you should respect and give value for your partner. Don’t argue as a provider to the money or other things. You should have ability to directly expressing appreciation for them.  You have an ability to be thanking for their even small detail, listening, talk also other things. This is the most important characteristic of lovers.

In addition, care is more important than money. Therefore, you must cultivate care into the connection not money. As a lover from the start to end you should take care of your partner. Give more security always. You have an ability to holding their hand always. You can maintain eye control towards them. And here lovers should keep play at the forefront. Here the sex will become a joyful exploration instead of mechanical act with both. Then you can add lightness to the situations with the connection. You must use thoughtful touch because it will not last, and it can feel love and care. Always think that “how to be a lover not a provider?” Then you can practice open minded flexibility. This may be one of the top predictors of sexual fulfillment for lovers over time. When you relate to provider you can’t get these feelings and cares.

What is the power of love and lover?

How to be a lover not a provide? In the above we discussed more tips to be a lover and avoid being provider. When you have a provider, he will control your needs. But he has not lovely and care feelings with you. He will do a service to you and provider is someone who provides the means for subsistence. Comparing those lovers and providers it the most important to be a lover. Then now we will show you the power of love and lovers. Love helps you to accept yourself and others. If you have a true lover, he is willing to accept the romantic relationship. They can cover over weaknesses and imperfections. It is the most powerful and the greatest point of lovers. You can complete yourself with the feelings of romantic.

As well as lovers can to forgive, and they don’t hurt their partner anywhere. When two people connect deeply they should have forgiveness because it can give power to go forward. Then lovers have this quality than providers. And love may be helps to you grow as a person. If you are a lover of another person, it will cause to be a better person for him or her. And if you have a lover, you can improve the ability to keep going in the life. It will make you happy. This is a powerful quality, and it is better than providers because they are not always giving happy things to you. Finally, we can say love can reduce your mental stress also. It reduces your pain levels. But providers are not supplying mental treatment, but they can provide something with paying money.

How to be a lover not a provider? Conclusion

When you are considering in the above details you can understand the lover is better than provider. Now you can follow above tips to be a lover. When this world build with true lovers it will be a way to go forward with only win. The most powerful quality is understanding the hurt beat of others than provide needs. In this life our breath depends on happiness and healthy. If you are the happiest person, it will be a great investment in this life. For that you can connect with true lover because lovers can give newborn to us with happiness. Because you also find that “how to be a lover not a provider?” From this article you can get more ideas about this question.

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