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How to apply makeup to look more masculine: Makeup guide

How to apply makeup to look more masculine: Makeup guide

We are going to talk about one of the things that every one of us loves. How to apply makeup to look more masculine. We all love to look more masculine in our lives. Apply a layer of beauty balm. This will smooth your skin and hide some blemishes and discolorations. You should use lip balm over your foundation. The foundation will clearly show that you are wearing makeup. Lip balm softens your features and preps them for makeup without showing you’re wearing it. Use your index finger to spread the beauty cream on your face. Focus on areas of uneven skin. Apply the lip balm to the skin with a sponge brush or your fingers. Use circular motions and keep blending until the bottom looks natural. You should not see any visible lines or marks on your face.

How to apply makeup to look more masculine – Cover blemishes with concealer

Focus on acne-prone areas such as the chin and forehead, and under the eyes. You can apply the concealer with your fingers. You can also use the stick that comes with the package. As with foundation, apply concealer to skin in circular motions. You can use your fingers, a brush or a makeup sponge. Keep blending until the concealer looks natural. It should blend with the foundation and skin tone. There should be no wrinkles on the face. This is the first step for How to apply makeup to look more masculine.

Use loose powder to reduce shine

After applying foundation and concealer, your makeup won’t look much different from a woman’s makeup. You should take steps to reduce the shine left by your foundation and cover it. The powder should be applied to the face to cover the foundation. Choose a foundation that matches your natural skin tone. Use a large brush to apply foundation all over your face. Aim for the lightest areas of the face. For example, your cheeks and cheekbones may glow after applying foundation and concealer.

How to apply makeup to look more masculine

How to apply makeup to look more masculine – Draw an outline around your face.

Men tend to have more angular features. You can create this effect by using highlighter or dark foundation to create shadows around the cheekbones, chin and forehead. Apply makeup with a small contour brush. Start with your cheekbones. Tuck your cheeks in and draw a dark line along your cheekbones. Draw another line by drawing the jawline and the jaw line. This will create a sharper and more masculine facial structure. Draw a slight L-shape on both temples. Then, on your forehead, draw a triangle on each side of the forehead. Draw triangles on the arch of each eyebrow. Blend the contour color all over the face with a light powder. Your makeup doesn’t have to be obvious. Blend with a large brush in circular motions. Aim for sharper lines rather than rougher silhouettes.

Shade around the nose to make it look bigger

Men tend to have larger, more defined noses. With a darker primer or highlighter, you can layer shadow around the nose to make it stand out even more. Use a large brush to apply. Covers the sides of the nose. It also darkens the area. Men tend not to wear foundation, so areas of the face often appear darker. Be sure to cover the bottom of the tip of the nose and the sides of each nostril. Shade in the area where the nose meets the brow bone. This creates a shadow under the eyebrows. This is important because men tend to have more prominent eyebrows.

Makeup can make eyes appear smaller.

Men’s eyes tend to appear smaller. So you want your eyes to look smaller with makeup. To do this, use a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone under the eyes. Use your fingers to apply concealer under the eyes. Apply along the arch of the lower eyelid. Keep using concealer until it blends naturally into your skin. Your eyes should look a little smaller when you’re done.

Treat your eyebrows

An essential aspect of masculine makeup application is having effective eyebrows. Men typically have thicker and more visible eyebrows than women. Women’s arched brows can sometimes fade into invisibility while men often sport thicker and wrinkled eyebrows that look more manly.

You can use makeup to fill any gaps in your eyebrows to make them more masculine – use a powder that matches your natural eyebrow color, apply with a small brush from near the nose end, fill gaps to thicken, draw straight lines while drawing thicker brows; use an eyebrow powder that matches natural curve of their brows – and make up matching straighter brows!

How to apply makeup to look more masculine – Use subtle eyeliner

You can use eyeliner to enhance your look. This will draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows for a masculine look. However, use subtle shadows. Darker, more pronounced tones will appear more feminine. Apply the eyeliner along the lashes. Choose between brown or chocolate brown. Opt for a powder eyeliner. It’s less dramatic than other eyeliners, but still defines your eyes.

So this is all i got to say about How to apply makeup to look more masculine. I hope that you guys enjoyed this type of content and i will see you guys soon with a new one.

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