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Grief is the final act of love-what is the grief and love?

Grief is the final act of love-what is the grief and love?

While resting, I thought “grief is the final act of love”. Then I wanted to explain about grief and love.  I think the most important feeling in the world is love. Are you agree with me? All the people, animals have feeling of deep affection. they love to feel and affection for something or someone. it is very difficult to explain me. we love our parents, partners, relations, animals or other things. when you have a specific person ,animal or other thing you can not Separate with them. Sometime it may be deep connection. It may be strong emotional bond. Some people who love with romantically others. Then they are lovers they have sexual attraction. Because of about reasons we have a Valentine’s Day. in this special day we fall in more love with our loved ones. Love is a very hard feeling.

When we talk about love, we can hear another word is grief. The feeling you get when you are under some stress with your loved one can be called grief. It may be emotional suffering from someone or something when you have unexpected emotions you will shock or guilt. Grief can also be the emotional pain that usually accompanies a significant loss to us. It’s very difficult for us to bear the death of our loved one or animal. That is because we have an unbreakable bond or connection with them. I think the deeper connection or love we have for the person, animal or thing we have lost it may be the deeper feeling of grief.The grief of losing over loved one or a loved one can be deep. The day of born from we build various relationship with others. All this Connections are called love.

Grief is the final act of love – Is the grief; love.

Grief and love has deep connection also grief is the loss of what we love. It is very difficult to control us. Because of that we should understand the grief of losing a loved one. When your loved one death, their memories are not death. Then we can say “Grief is the final act of love”. While losing a parent, partner, friend or pet surely you will have a heart pain. People who express their pain by crying or doing something. Even so owing one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Because it is you love nit temporary but permanently. Imagine for a second you were lost something you gladly kept close. The grief of losing it makes you think about it, am I correct?

Most of the time may be praying for our loved one. We do not expect them to be distressed, sadness or trouble. Some are love the lives of their loved ones just as much as the love their own lives. So the more we love them, the more we feel at their death or at their grief. The simplest example we can take in present is the covid-19 pandemic. Many of our loved ones who were with us have died because of this pandemic. Many people in this world are shocked by this and they do various things to save their loved ones. They are try to safe  because they think of their loved ones as well, sacrificing lot of and minimising  conflict with society. According to these information we seem to that the grief is love.

How to beare grief in love?

In  these society we can see parents who could not beare the separation and death of their children as well as children who could not beare the death of their parents. As well as some we also see in society the young people who are unable to beare the loss of their loved ones and who are tempted to take their own lives. Most of these suicides happen because they do not have the strength to beare the pain. But the must truly understand then even if they cry, suicide and express their grief, their loved ones  will never come back. Sometime our grief will be a unexpected moment. So it can be sadder than we think, because will not expect forget or separate them. In that sense “Grief is the final act of love “

What ever happens, we must face life as long as we live. We must develop the ability to endure suffering ,No matter how difficult. We can engage in various activities in such as way as to forget their memories. we must also understand that we must live for the people around us, not the lost people. It is also important to engage in mind relaxing exercises. some people who tried to relieve their pain by following the doctor’s instructions. It also can be successful method. When you feel grief, you can do a fun activity or engage with your hobbies. Engaging in various religious activities and meditation is also one of the reason for end of our suffering. But the most important thing you need to understand is that no matter how much they love each other, their separation will happen someday.

What is the end of love, grief and life?

We all are living beings on this earth. one day we will have to say goodbye to others and this world. When we understand our life circle, it’s an easy task for us to get rid of our grief. This love and bonds are formed because we have a superior mind to stay in and our emotions are larger. It can be the nature of life and love can be a feeling that we have inherited from nature. But nature itself will one day separate this gift from us. This is also the truth that we need to understand correctly. We born love and when we separate with loved ones it is so much grief to us. Accordingly above reasons we must understand “grief is the final act of love” When our lives end, love also end and it is the grief.

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