Does God want me to have not friends? Simply explain

Does God want me to have not friends

We hope to continue this article around the question of does God want me to have not friends? Jesus said, love your neighbor. But here there is freedom to live along. It maybe depends on one’s own personality and preferences. And it will be their way of being comfortable. Trust is key to building every relationship. God says it is difficult to choose a faithful friend. When you cannot select the best friend for you, you can stay alone. All my friends who can understand us and should listen to us. Gods’ opinion is that you should live for yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to be more generous with others. The most important thing you need to learn here is that people should never expect perfection. And all the people in the world are not same. Therefore, we must have an ability to identify them carefully.

Talking about this further, if you are someone who prefers to be alone, having friends can be a hassle for you. Then God considers that you must turn away from others in order to achieve your purpose. It can also be said that not having a friend is a bit difficult. We think that you need someone in life who can understand you and share your experiences. But the most important thing is to understand whether the person pretending to be a friend is actually, a real friend. God expects you to be very careful treating your friend as your best friend. Does God want me to have not friends in this situation? The answer is that if you do not have a good friend, you should be alone. Here you have to be happy about staying away from such paper and be patient until you get a good friend.

Does God want me to have not friends? Wise and warm Bible verses

Does God want me to have not friend? God expects this until we find a true friend here. Friendship is one of the most precious gifts in life who gave us God. This is difficult for us understand as long as we underestimate, the value of relationships. To illustrate this further, we are ready to present to your wise and warm scriptures. “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin but there is a friend who strikes closer than a brother” According to the proverb 18:24 meeting a trusted friend can be described as a very close relationship in life. The friend we are referring to here should be the one to stay close to in our times of sorrow as well as in times of joy. Only then will a friend be treated more closely than her brother.

“A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” This also a valuable thought. You need to have a friend who is kind to you in every way. They are kind enough to be with you in any difficult time. One of the bad things that can happen to you are not having a friend who can pretend it to be a brother in any of your affairs. “Oil and perfume made the heart glad, and the sweetness of her friend comes from his earnest counsel” This shows that you need to have a friend who can make your heart happy. In here there are only few thoughts mentioned from Bible. But we can understand the value of friendship from this. However, what we need to better understand is that we should only add good things and good people to life.

Does God give us friends?

Many people believe that God gives us so many things. Friendship, also one of thing among them. Many things in society depend on how we treat each other. Then why does God want me to have not friend? This problem can be built on the decisions of you as well as other people. Who built true friendships? One must have the trust of all. It will make us feel safe because we must go for a peace through the friendship. The people who around you are a gift from God. There is the best quote from Corrie ten Boom “every experience God gives us” Every person he puts into our lives is the perfect preparation for a future only he can see. Thus, it can be said that all these relationships take place with the knowledge of God.

When you meet a strong friend, you too must be strong for them. Through such good and strong friendships, God has directed us to bless each other’s lives. In here, you should be thankful for giving someone who can go through their lives. And you do not have to worry about being alone until you friend a suitable friend. Then God wants us to have no friends. God blessing often gives us a good response. In the same way, when our actions and feelings, the better things we can achieve more benefits. So, we also try to select only friends who have positive attitudes and good thoughts. Then you can go forward with your targets and aims easily because your friend will help to your tasks well.


When you feel better about yourself, the God will give you friends. Then you can stay in happy and usefully. If you want a friend, you need to take steps towards building relationships. Many books stated that it is more important to love and be friendly with others in the love of Christ, then to have friendship for our own satisfaction. We should always try to find a friend who is closer than a brother. When you do not have such an important friend you may experience difficult. Does God want to me have not friends? God will do this as long as you propose are good and also good friend comes to you.


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