Always be in love with a soul not a face

always be in love with a soul not a face

So today we are talking about always be in love with a soul not a face. From my personal experience loving someone’s soul is the most beautiful thing. Loving for someone’s face is not good that much. When I fall in love with her soul, I fall in love with even her darkest side. We need to remember I will fall in love with those parts that are far from I attraction. Also I fell in love with the darkest parts of their souls.

Always I fell in love with his demons, his trauma, his pain and his breakup. I fell in love with their souls, even in the days when I stopped recognizing them as the people I once loved, because I know people are constantly changing and nothing is set in stone. 

Always be in love with a soul not a face – soul loving 

When I fall in love with its soul, I fall in love with its morals and values. I fell in love with their beliefs. I fell in love with his beliefs, his love for God, his ability to stand up for his principles even when the world was against him. So I will love their souls even as they struggle with their own belief systems. I fall in love with his soul when I see that his values ​​and ethics reflect his soul.

True love

Some people are made up of galaxies and constellations. Some people have a whole universe, and that’s what I draw to them. Not everyone has this unique universal beauty. Not everyone has that kind of depth and connotation. But if I fall in love with someone, I fall in love with their inner depth. Another thing is I want to know how their minds work in order to unravel the mysteries of their minds. I want to immerse Yourself in their laughter because it contains light. Also I want to go inside them to understand their pain and transform it into something stronger and more invincible. When I fall in love with their souls, I fall in love with them for who they are and I fall in love with the original version of their true, authentic with our lives.

Soul mates

I’m trying to say is this is two souls want to become one, and that’s one of the reasons I believe in soul mates that’s why i love someone’s soul. Some people are so well suited to each other that they are perfect for each other. Those people always appear to be one person, made up of two opposing parts, and when they are together they have incredible strength. They always feel the presence of the other and fear their absence. That’s true love.

I’m sure you know that when we love someone same as us its some times hard. It also often happens that your loved ones call you when you think of them. This is because our bond is strengthened when two of our souls fall in love. They even sync because they’re constantly connected every time. 

Heart in deep love

When two people who love each other at heart can feel overwhelmed, bathed in love. Right next to you, as warm as the deepest embrace from someone who cares deeply about you. When i love my partners soul i feel everything. I’m always getting overwhelmed that’s what call loving for a soul not for face. We can also say Always be in love with a soul not a face.

The butterfly in the herat is also a good metaphor. But it’s not just about what’s going on in your heart. Some times hard times comes to our life we need face them even they can come to our love life. 


We just want everything to be perfect, which makes us nervous because we also want to impress our partner. Somehow when i  know they are looking at me with love and therefore seeing something different. So i  want to live up to their expectations. The last thing i want to do is drop them only to feel a little tense too. We just want them to be happy, so we do our best to make that happen.

Always be in love with a soul not a face – One final fact

So i’m going to say one thing for this. As soon as my soulmate  kiss me. I feel that everything will be fine in my life nothing is going to be wrong. And it’s actually true, in the end everything worked out. When two souls fall in love, if they belong together, the whole universe helps us along the way.

Even if everything was seems hopeless to us. We are happy because we know each other and we know we can face anything together . As long as we get along, everything else will take care of itself so me and my love can enjoy our selves in shading sunset happily. We both have a high positive energy we always get through rough times together so that’s make real good reason to always be in love with a soul not a face.

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