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Afternoon motivation-What I mean by “afternoon”?

Afternoon motivation-What I mean by “afternoon”?

I can explain about afternoon motivation  with two types. First I say afternoon is the part of the between noon and sunset. Next I can analyse the life period ; middle of later part of life is afternoon simply the old age of life like afternoon of the day.C.G.Jung Says” we can not live the afternoon of life according to the programme of life’s morning, at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie ”He illustrates a wonderful picture of the journey of human life. The moment the baby is born and the time of morning. as daylight increases, his consciousness expands as he gets older.As the sun rises in the sky, Adult sense he feels that his attitudes are accelerating and in his youth and adulthood he finds the most suitable path in the world.

All the people have the old age of life.eat maybe not a definite biological stage, it may be context sensitive. more old people have very sensitive body and emotions. they are fall down quickly and sometime they may need someone’s help. People who suffer from physical disabilities are more illness persons. but this can include prematurely aging as well as slightly stronger person.Their physical and mental level, The food they eat and their social background will influence these changes. I think this age of retirement is sometimes a sweet age because they have last of responsibilities. they finish all their responsibilities and spend the rest of their lives. married people and they are responsibilities they are children and spent their afternoon happyly with each other.Unmarried people spend most of their seniority in their day to day carriers of activities minimising their workload and engaging in various recreational activities.

Afternoon motivation – How to spend happily old age of life?

How people enjoy their old age? Different people use different methods for what are free do to enjoy your free flowering adulthood. Some people like loneliness and some people like to have fun with others. I can give some ideas that keep older adults happy.

  • various food

If you think now you have a trouble. I can give good idea to missed it. eat with your friend or family members. Then you can feeling happily with food and others. You can preparing your meal or shopping for it. And also have some drink like as tea,coffee. But you remember you should drink water because it is help to your healthy.

  • Learn something

In your old age you can read some books, as well as you can learn a new language, new game or play instrument.There will be help to improve your memory level and the help to decrease your healthy effect.

  • Attend social gatherings

You will be able to use that knowledge to engage in various social activities. It will also enable you to end your loneliness. Sharing your knowledge with others in those associations will also benefit them.

  • connect with environment

Our environment is the best medicine us .As you grow older,You will be able to maintain good physical and mental health by interacting with the environment. even sitting under a large shady tree is sure make your mind feel relaxed. in the morning sunlight can care ailments. And you can also calm your mind by hearing sounds like the chirping of birds in the environment.

How we motivate our elders?

our elders are very important to us. I think we should keep them happyly .First we should understand what the would like to do to keep going. They love to spend with their kids, Good food, funny game etc. When we understand they are needs it is easier to take get decision. You can visit them often and involve them in your life. some elders may be have not good health. Therefore you can encourage and motivate them. Then they are mental healthy also may be goo. We can give a little gift to them like clothes, food. As well as we have the ability to take our adults on trips to different places so they can have fun and then the will motivate about their life. Not only that they happy about their children.

sometime adults have everyday habits like exercises, planting, watering etc. But as the get older they may find it difficult to do these activities. but you have the ability to join them and help them to do their daily activities or hobbies. then they will be happy and motivate. also some adults are like to engage in certain activities related to their religion. we can also encourage them by supporting their religious activities. The Internet and social networks also are great opportunities for adults. you can enable they to connect with family and friends through technology. The Internet can be used to test the social benefits as well as the physical, mental and emotional well-being of elders. Studies how that social networking sites are becoming more and more popular among adults.

Expectation of adults.

We should connect with them, talk to them, encourage them and understand their expectation. They are real people who gave their lives for us. Our elders who have worked and won lives for the people should be given the care they expect. Sometime it maybe not what you are expect but we should do it for them. We must ensure that they are health is restored by encouraging them to live up to they are expectation. They have the more knowledge because they have more experience about life,society,people and other things. Sometime they may be like to share their knowledge with family members, friends or others. Finally I would like to note that our adults are very important and they are our property. Because of that we respect them. So I explained about “afternoon motivation” using life periods.

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